Russian Rublev explains the reason for the message on the camera “Tsoi is alive”


the russian Andrei Rublevwho spends a lot of time in Barcelona with his coach Ferdinand Vincent at the 4 Slam Tennis Academy and his physiotherapist Marc Boadaexperienced an intense day of semifinals at the ATP 500 tournament in Dubai.

After a 5-0 record with the German Alexander Zverevin the sixth he got his first victory against the pupil of Sergi Brugueraby 6-3 and 7-6 (9).

Rublev will defend his title against his compatriot Daniel Medvedev this Saturday, no earlier than 4:00 pm (M+ Sports).

If in 2022 his message ‘No war please’ (No war, please) was highly commented at the Dubai tournament, he repeated the message for peace again a year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As it was, the Muscovite used the opportunity for the winner of the match to sign a message to the TV camera. He wrote “Tsoi is alive”. Tsoi is alive.

A reference to the rock singer Viktor Tsoi, died in 1990 at the age of 28. Rublev himself explained the reason for this sentence at the official press conference. “He was an artist from an earlier generation that had a lot of echo in the USSR (Soviet Union, which disappeared as such in December 1991) because his voice was really strong,” he said.

He was not born yet, but Rublev knew that “it was not an easy time and his voice was strong. His lyrics gave people a lot of hope.”

And the tennis player considered that “I wrote this because I feel that similar things are happening. You can’t act like nothing happened because it’s terrible,” he said when asked about the current battle.

Rublev called for “peace in all the countries of the world. I hope there will be peace in our countries because it is crazy that so many citizens are suffering and dying.”

The athlete does not understand that “everything happens at times with mobile phones, internet, social networks…”.

Images and information flow from Ukrainian soil, but the war continues, and there is no solution in sight.

The ATP, the men’s professional circuit, and the WTA, the women’s, as well as the International Tennis Federation (ITF) have decided that Russian and Belarusian tennis players can continue to compete, although not representing their country or displaying the flag. . Wimbledon took a step away from the 2022 edition by vetoing their participation.

Source: La Verdad


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