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He Mobile World Congress everyone was happy. Hoteliers make a killing, restaurants empty their fridges and the city boasts of being the heart of artificial intelligence, the most advanced in technology. One of the exhibitors Mobile World Capital, presented a tour of Barcelona through the senses. In front of an air pump, the experience consists of inhaling the characteristic fragrance of an emblematic place in the city. The chocolate on the street Petritxolthe sea breeze of Barceloneta or the fresh grass and the old leather ball on Camp Nou. the emporium puigcreator of perfumes, appeared before the guests.

In another ‘stand’ it is possible to imitate the launch of the Olympic arrow of Antonio Rebollo or live from the stage of Sant Jordi the IZAL concert. certainly Xavi Hernandez would have given everything for artificial intelligence to be given to him in Bernabeu in Lewandowski, Peter, Christensen and Dembele duplicates. Everything can be seen. He boat offered an unprecedented version of the ‘catenaccio’ to save a critical stage, a parenthesis in its difficult growth that Xavi Disdain Makes sense? In any case necessary.

He Classic March 2 will remain in memory as the day on which the boat defeat the whites of kessie as a star who defends his castle inch by inch to make up for his shortcomings. For its part, the defeat of a Madrid without the lights, he fails in time to face his rival in the coup de grace. Not a decent shot on goal and, again, Vinicius as the only strategic plan of attack: Araujo emptied him all the way to the Brazilian winger (sneers with montero on the card) sought life from the Uruguayan.

Now the ‘Barça of titles’ is in charge, the one that must relaunch the brand, attract new partners and help establish ‘Espai Barça‘ going through the cold Olympic Stadium of Montjuïc. This need to win the “national treble” is the obsession that explains, in part, the unusual reluctance to win at any price, even at the cost of skipping the current catechism. The two unappealable failures in Europe damaged the reputation and the treasury, pretending reasons about the referees and other disasters.

A third straight defeat that led to the cliff had to be avoided and the coach adjusted to the urgency. The coach has long since realized that he does not have the squad he believed in at the start of the season. After more than half a season, Xavi he knows that not all players adapt to the game he demands. The team was on the move only after a winger was removed and the ‘sui generis’ redefinition of the 4-4-2 had the consequence of falling apart. Lewy from the area: on eight occasions the victory ended with 1-0 in the League and the Pole lowered his performance. The team has advanced to six games where it hasn’t.

In chamartin the second unit is not good enough to control the ball, cannot keep it and make two passes in a row. The 35% ownership will go down in the annals of a club that prides itself on its beautiful game of which it has made dogma, but this is not the best day to discuss control. After the unacceptable debacle of Almeria was understood as a protection to its players who Xavi will give favorite status to the biggest rival.

The game angered the Barça coach, who escalated his anger (“We don’t like this game”). The man from Egar wanted to clarify that his plan was to impose the model, but he pointed out that his rival prevented him from doing so. On the contrary, he showed his joy for the massive defensive work and the final result. Madrid’s media saw close to the club’s speech Xavi excess and pride and began an offensive to defame him as he had suffered Guardiola. Style is defined as pride.

The ultra-defensive strategy of boat has become priority news, more than the poor party of those ancelotti. As expected, the exhausting campaign of returning to Camp Nouwhere it appeals Juanito and in Madrid of miracles.

seven points from boat in League and in the semi-final lost, the Madrid can be left alone to handle that the Champions. Next Friday the 10th, before playing on Wednesday the 15th against Liverpool at home, the documentary for Apple TV titled: ‘real Madrid: until the end’. It is a film for the greater glory of the returns of La Catorce that will begin after 1-0 against PSG together Toni Kroos crestfallen: “We have a good team, but we have lost everything.” Vitamin without looking for further explanation. He Classic left a scent of sulfur and roses.


The Camp Nou’ pitch led Barça to play six games at Montjuïc

He Lluís Companys Stadium of Montjuïc will be the headquarters of boat at home next season and part of 2024-25. Its adaptation costs 100 million and the capacity is less than 50,000 spectators. The poor state of the lawn Camp Nou This caused the first team to move to the Olympic mountain complex to play six commitments, two of them official. On August 25, 1996, the group led by Bobby Robson bow to Atletico Madrid 5-2 with goals from ronaldo (2), Giovanni, pizza and of stone. Days later, on September 12, the boat will begin the successful path to his fourth collect earning on Montjuic in AEK Larnaca with two goals from ronaldo (2-0). Previously, the FC Barcelona He played the tournament twice Joan Gamper. In the 1990-91 season, the hosts beat the Moscow Spartak (1-0) and in anderlecht (3-1) in the final, and in 1996-97 in San Lorenzo (2-0) and in Milan (2-1).

Source: La Verdad


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