Majorca – Elche, live | Follow the match of the day 24 of LaLiga Santander live


Mallorca players requested a second yellow for Nteka after committing a hard foul on Ruiz de Galarreta. It can be completely secondary…

KADEWERE! He led and finished a quick counterattack by shooting low from midrange, but Edgar Badía caught it easily.

LUCAS BOYÉ OUT! Corner kick that the ‘9’ from Elche finishes from below, but it goes wide.

The eye is already
Elche He started with 2 gears too much, which creates more danger and reached the rival area on several occasions.

Yellow for
railfor a blow to Nteka on the jump.

FIDEEEEEEL! Crossed shot from the front leaving a practical stick brush.

Four. five’

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19:34Change in

March: Carmona.

Enter: Tete Morente.

19:26Majorca – Elche | STATISTICS

Ball possession: 59%

Finish: 8 – 3

Free throws: 11 – 9

Corners: 3 – 1

Stops: 1 – 1

Fouls: 7 – 10

Yellow cards: 0 – 2

Total passes: 241 – 166

Passes completed: 189 – 118

Attacks: 67 – 46

Dangerous attacks: 28 – 16

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19:24First very electric part we experienced during these 45 minutes. Mallorca came close to scoring on several occasions, thanks in part to an electric Kang In Lee and a dangerous Dani Rodríguez, but Elche fought well in the first half and managed to hold on to a 0-0 lead until in the second half.

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The teams were 0-0 at halftime.

Dani Rodríguez tried a wall with Kadewere up front, but his shot was too central and Edgar Badía caught the ball in two stages.

Four. five’
a added minutes.

Elche took a free kick from midfield and Boyé got his head to extend it, but the ball went straight into Rajkovic’s hands.

Ugh, what a blow it takes
Valgent when a vermilion player leaves the boot loose. The referee didn’t call a foul here.

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Yellow for
Carmonadue to a severe foul in the midfield.

kadewere the shot from the front, but it lands on the legs of a player.

GET OUT OF LEE! Low shot from the front expanding very little.

MASCARELL UP! Another chance for Elche with a practiced corner kick where the midfielder ends up shooting from the second line, but up.

GUMBAAAA! Low shot and cross from the front which Rajkovic sends into a corner.

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More static minutes after a rather electric section, where the
Majorca It is always who creates the danger and who is closest to scoring the first goal.

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It hurts
Gonzalo Verdu after Muriqu elbowed him while jumping.

DANI GARCÍA IS HERE! He shot from point-blank range but Nteka crossed the path and narrowly avoided the vermilion goal from the goal line.

WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR MALLORCA! Copete’s center from the left wing for Kadewere, but Bigas held it well enough for the striker to not finish.

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Elche were successful in the early attacks from Mallorca and were now holding the ball more. However, Mallorca continue to dominate and create more danger.

Maffeo cut in Clerc when he was almost on the bottom line, but his cross was too bad and nobody finished him.

Foul by Carmona. It was a very physical and very tough game between the two teams.

Clerc tried to put in a cross from the left wing, but it was easily deflected by the vermilion defense.

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Yellow for
waitfor a foul on Kang In Lee.

UP YOU IN LEE! He tried the shot from a medium distance, but the ball went over the crossbar.

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Elche tried to play a bit to keep possession, but every time Mallorca got the ball back, it went straight to Édgar Badía’s goal.

The center of the vermilion team from the right wing that no one manages to finish correctly. Mallorca is very plugged in in these first minutes.

BAD KADEWERE! He stands out between two defenders and the final control is not quite right, so he fails to make an impact on the ball.

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18:25REFEREE | The referee for the clash was José Luis Munuera Montero, the 39-year-old Andalusian. In the VOR room he will be joined by David Medié Jiménez.

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Elchelowest team in the First Division, was penalized in 23 league games played
11 red cards, two more than he has seen if the previous two championships in the highest category add up. In his first year after promotion, in the 2020-21 academic year, Elche suffered only three expulsions during the competition. A year later, the Elche team closed the championship with six reds.

Elche’s bestial data including expulsions

Majorca agreed to the last five days
eight goalson average of
1.6 goals per game. A high number, which is also in contrast to the records of ‘Vasco’ Aguirre in
first 18 crashes of this League, when he received 16 goals, on average
0.88 per 90 minutes. Almost half.

Defensive performance weighs on Mallorca

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18:10WITHDRAWAL OF ELCHE | Pablo Machín came into this match with six casualties: Enzo Roco, Pape Cheikh and Helibelton Palacios due to penalties, and the injured Álex Collado, John Chetauya and Pere Milla.

Six casualties to visit Mallorca

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18:05PABLO MACHÍN | The coach of
Pablo Machinthe claim of
Cádiz to request the suspension of the competition and the resumption of the match against his team with 1-0 on the scoreboard, pointing out that the Andalusian club has the support and his vote, in a clear allusion to the difficult qualifying situation going to his team through.

Machín, ironically: “Support Cádiz to start the League from scratch”

18:03JAVIER AGUIRRE | The coach of
Real Mallorca, Javier Aguirredoesn’t want his team to relax in the game against him
Elchecurrent bottom of
First division. “It’s a trap game,” he said at a press conference. “There are those who may think that we will win 3-0 or 5-0 in the first half, but there is no such thing; Elche competes well but, for whatever reason, they lose their games,” he pointed out.

Aguirre: “Against Elche it was a trap game”

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17:50Mallorca’s alignment: Rajkovic; Pablo Maffeo, Valjent, Raillo, Copete, Jaume Costa; Dani Rodríguez, Galarreta; Kang In Lee; Kadewere, Muriqi.

dock: Dominik Greif, Antonio Sánchez, Morlanes, Nastasic, Giovanni González, Abdón Prats, Ángel, Augustinsson, Baba, Grenier, Battaglia and Amath.

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17:42WE HAVE LINEUPS! Let’s see what ‘eleven’ comes up with
Javier Aguirre and
Pablo Machin.

17:30Majorca – Elche | SCHEDULE AND WHERE TO MEET | The match between the vermillions and the Elche will start at
6:30 pm at Estadi Mallorca Son Moix​.​ The clash can be seen live via Movistar LaLiga but it is possible to follow it minute by minute with coverage of
World of sports.

17:25LAST FIGHT | The last five days of
Majorca they finished with three defeats (Espanyol, Sevilla and Cádiz) and two victories (Real Madrid and Villarreal). He
ElcheFor his part, he only managed to add a victory against Villarreal, while the other clashes ended in defeat for Elche (Betis, Real Madrid, Espanyol and Sevilla).

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17:20CLASSIFICATION | As we said earlier, the
Majorca occupies the tenth position with 31 points. The middle zone of the table is more than tight, so every victory or defeat has a big influence every day to know in which position they will sleep.

For his part, he
Elche occupies last place with 9 points. Pablo Machín’s men are almost on the same foot in relegation, as Valencia, nineteenth, have 14 points more than the men from Elche. Every game is a battle, but winning the war is increasingly unlikely.

Sooo good afternoon, friends and friends! Welcome and welcome to the match between Mallorca and Elche, from LaLiga Santander
We are in matchday 24 of LaLiga Santander. He
Majorcatenth in the table, now facing the
Elche, occupying last place in the league championship. The match starts at 6:30 pm and will be played at the Estadi Mallorca Son Moix. In this preview we will recover the sensations where the teams came to the match, we will show the starting eleven and we will let you know the final time of the field. Let’s get started!

Source: La Verdad


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