“It seems like when Dani and Vesga play the world ends”


The couple formed by Daniel Garcia and Mikel Vesga in the Athletic machine room it causes some suspicions because the result is not good. This campaign they started together in four games, with three defeats and one draw. Marcelino He assured in his time that they are perfectly compatible, an opinion shared by the man from Gasteiz a few days ago in the Lezama press room. Now the one from Zumarraga defined it. “When people see them playing Daniel and vesga many predict the outcome. The comment has been passed over many times that when the two of us play it feels like the end of the world. In other seasons there have been positive results, in this one not so much,” he said.

The midfielder expanded his comment on the characteristics of each: “It is a tool that the coach must choose. I am more defensive than vesga and he has a double aspect, both defensive and attacking. He is a player with a goal and I am not so much. I think we mix well. I won’t defend how indefensible this year’s results are, but I play my friend easy.

What seems clear is that the team needs to link a good run of results to get into the European places. This is one of the differences he observed with respect to the teams at the top. “I see that Real Sociedad or Betis are more regular than us. That is what Athletic should look for. It has been difficult for us to keep a clean sheet and now it is difficult for us to score a goal. Year- year we lack such regularity”, he stated.

Source: La Verdad


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