At 900 meters depth – mining accident in Spain: three dead


Three men have been killed in a mining accident in northeastern Spain. The landslide at the potash mine in Súria, some 75 kilometers northwest of Barcelona, ​​occurred shortly before 9 a.m. Thursday morning, the fire service said.

The death of the three men at a depth of about 900 meters was confirmed by Catalan Prime Minister Pere Aragonès. He deeply regrets the accident, his government will assist the families of the victims.

Victims are topographers
According to union information, the fatalities were topographers taking measurements. Other workers were not affected, the state television channel RTVE reported, citing the company ICL Iberia Súria & Sallent, which operates the mine.

“A much worse tragedy could have happened”
According to RTVE, a much worse tragedy could have happened. At the time of the accident there would normally be 200 to 300 miners working underground. However, due to the topographical work, this was probably not the case.

In Spain, there has been strong criticism of working and safety conditions in the mines for years. In December 2013, two miners were killed in a similar accident at the Súria mine.

Rescue teams and medical personnel were immediately sent to the scene of the accident on Thursday after the landslide, according to official information. The bodies were not recovered for several hours after the accident. The salvage work was “very difficult”, it was stressed. The cause of the accident was initially unknown.

Source: Krone


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