We fell into the trap again


I recognize it. I got back, I fell again. I couldn’t stop it. Despite the recent disappointments, the irritation of last week’s defeat, the fact that there are almost no certainties or reasons in football to argue for a change in the situation, and that I have become dull in my inner company thinking that this is impossible. I already believe in returning on Thursday.

This team has done it again, without doing it. He inspires us again with a deed, a good night, a match for history, for no other reason than faith, because there has been no determination to change his mind since last Thursday at 8:30 pm, when his soul gave . the feet at all enhance him.

But this Real is huge, more than we think and what the famous phrase “we still have big games” that he released indicates imanol after the defeat of Rome. It is a project designed to succeed in the future, as predicted afternoon whenever you can, but also try it nowadays. Because Real continues to be fourth in the League despite the huge gap in play and results, which exists. They won at Old Trafford, where no one has done it since September 8, they competed against everyone at the Camp Nou in the Cup and they fought to get a point at the Bernabéu, which deserved more. This is a homeless Real, capable of winning 2, 3 or 4 goals against anyone, and also against Roma. They have been endorsed by Sassuolo this Sunday. Why would Rome not fall into the truthful trap?

Source: La Verdad


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