Darder: “If they score three goals at home, it will be very difficult”


the captain of spanish, Sergi Darderaffirmed after the defeat against Celta at the RCDE Stadium (1-3) that if the rival achieves “three goals at home it will be very difficult” despite speaking “all week” about the importance of keeping the goal to zero ” and from there, grow”.

The footballer admitted, in statements to Movistar, that he had to “calm down” because he was a bit “heated” at the end of the rivalry. “I can’t say everything I’m thinking right now, but I will comment that you have to be optimistic and thank people for their acceptance,” he said.

The blue and white commented that at the beginning of the rivalry he still felt “on top” of Celta, although “he hates to say it” because people, he insisted, “may think differently”. In any case, it all fell apart quickly: “They got there twice and scored two goals.”

Darder was resigned after the game was over: “In the end you can dominate the game, you can be superior, you can get there… if every cross you make goes away, every cross you make you don’t they’ll put you in and form you, it’s obviously very complicated.”

However, the player did not discount the rival and assured that Celta “is better than Espanyol in the total calculation”. “They were more effective, the details in the Primera mark a lot. We must congratulate them and we grow,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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