Atleti B returned to the discount to get closer to the leader


He Atlético Madrid B beat the athletic stride in Majadahonda (3-2) in a game with a crazy ending with the goal of Daniel Gonzalez in the discount time that allowed the subsidiary to complete a hard-fought comeback against the Canarian team, which led twice on the scoreboard.

He wanted to send the team Tevenet from the start, but the domain is not translated sometimes. Quite the opposite of El Paso, who tried to be very vertical in his attacks, creating danger in the mattress area.

The canaries warned with two shots at the post and the third time was the charm. Before the break Borjas He finished a lateral free kick well taken from the second friend with a header. gum nothing could be done to prevent the players from going to the locker room with 0-1 on the scoreboard.

Atlético B came out determined to create chances. Daniel Gonzalez there was a first and then Creek He scored a great goal to equalize with a powerful shot that slipped near the post. The goal suited the subsidiary, which starred in its best minutes, but a long ball behind was just left Dambelleh in the view of gum. Dribble and inside.

Fortunately for those from Tevenet, just after the referee awarded a penalty in favor of Atlético B. Lor changed Javi Cueto, beat Kelly over the top. The subsidiary is coming up and the nerves are showing in Atlético Paso. Aridane saw two yellow cards in seven minutes and was ejected. Also the visiting coach, Manuel Real, for his protests.

In stoppage time, Atleti B looked for their prize, with the ball hitting the crossbar and left in Daniel Gonzalezwho unapologetically unleashed the madness in Majadahonda for the victory that brought Tevenet’s team closer to the lead again, since Melilla fell in Estepona and now only leads the rojiblancos by three points.




Gomis, Sergio Díez (Boñar 82′), F. González, Kostis, Joel Arumi (A. Corral 71′), Gismera, Guerrero (Alber 68′), Cala, Carlos M. (Diego Bri 46′), Ethyan (Javi Cueto 68′) and Dani González.
Kelly, Javi Castellano, Zabaleta, Óscar, Guti, Piera (Loïc Williams 71′), Mitsuki (Alberto Oca 54′), Pelón, Ayoze, Borjas (Aridane 54′) and Fede Olivera (Dambelleh 71′).
the objectives:
0-1 min. 45, Borges.
1-1 min. 59, Cove.
1-2 min. 76, Dambelleh.
2-2 min. 79, Javi Cueto, from a penalty.
3-2 min. 92, Dani Gonzalez.
Referee: Moreno Muñoz, from the Murcian committee, who advised rojiblancos Joel Arumi (20′), Kostis (32′), Alber (74′) and Tevenet (62′) and the visitors Pelon (56′ ) and sent off Aridane for a double yellow card (78′) and (85′) and coach Manuel Real with a direct red card (86′).

see the match sheet

Source: La Verdad


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