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4:55 p.m๐Ÿ”Ž Saudi Arabian Grand Prix | ALONSO’S KEYS | RHYTHM

Fernando Alonso warned on Saturday:
“We are confident. The car is strong and our strong point is how we manage the tires and the speed of the race. We are hopeful and we must be better.” However, on Friday, in FP2, ‘Checo’ showed good race speed, slightly higher than Alonso’s Aston Martin with medium tyres.

Is it true?
at that moment the Spaniard was not comfortable with the balance of the car and his pace should be better this Sunday after the set-up changes applied. Despite this, the Spaniard believes that the Mexican will not be able to compete without luck on his side.

4:50 p.m๐Ÿ”Ž Saudi Arabian Grand Prix | ALONSO’S KEYS | THE EXIT

In theory, Red Bull has a higher race speed. Consequently, Fernando Alonso, to increase his chances of fighting for victory,
He must attack from the start to try to gain a position with ‘Checo’ and thus prevent him from escaping from the start.

Passing the Mexican at the start could put additional pressure on Pรฉrez. It is not easy, because this is the second excursion that the Asturian will make
Aston Martin and his first start in Bahrain was not good. In the first laps you cannot activate the
DRS and that was probably the moment for Alonso to attack to get away.

4:45 p.mIs 33 possible?

Fernando Alonso will start second this Sunday at
F1 Saudi Arabian GP 2023. The Asturian pilot will start behind the ‘poleman’
‘Czech’ Perezwho took first place on the grid yesterday by taking advantage of the excellent performance of his
red bull and the mechanical problem suffered by his partner
Verstappenwhich will be released today from
15th place with the need to go back to the beginning.

The race looks exciting, with A
lonso leads George Russell (3rd), Carlos Sainz (4th), his teammate Lance Stroll (5th), Esteban Ocon (6th) and Lewis Hamilton (7th)


A: “It will be an interesting race. The battle will be the Aston Martins and the Ferraris. There will be a tenth or two between us.”

M: “I’m trying to be positive and have fun. For me it will be a matter of overtaking and getting as many points as possible.”


“We have to get out there and make sure we can finish and finish the job. It’s important to keep the lead but there’s no pressure.”


“Let’s see what we can do from the second row. It’s important to get points in both cars and help Aston Martin improve. We hope it will be a good race. We trusted the car all weekend.”


โ€œNow we have a great opportunity. I think I obviously had a bad day yesterday. Today puts us a little behind, but I think if I have a good race pace I think I can get it. I think we will have a good recovery and fight for the podium which I want to have.”

“I will give everything to get on the podium.”

4:30 p.m๐ŸŽ™๏ธ
Driver parade time!

We will recap the previous declarations of the pilots in
Saudi Arabian GP.

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4:25 p.mSaudi Arabian Grand Prix |
23 Aston Martin points and McLaren debacle!

1. Red Bull – 43 points

2. Aston Martin – 23 points

3. Mercedes – 16 points

4. Ferrari – 12 points

5. Alfa Romeo – 4 points

6. Alpine – 2 points

7. Williams – 1 point

8. AlphaTauri – 0 points

9. Haas – 0 points

10. McLaren – 0 points

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4:20 p.mSaudi Arabian Grand Prix | WORLD CUP OF PILOTS | to the success of
Verstappen in
red bull leading the world championship of pilots and constructors. The big surprise of the first date is undoubtedly the
Martin of
Fernando Alonso:

1. Max Verstappen – 25 points

2. Sergio Perez – 18 points

3. Fernando Alonso – 15 points

4. Carlos Sainz – 12 points

5. Lewis Hamilton – 10 points

6. Lance Stroll – 8 points

7. George Russell – 6 points

8. Valtteri Bottas – 4 points

9. Pierre Gasly – 2 points

10. Alex Albon – 1 point

11. Yuki Tsunoda – 0 points

12. Logan Sargeant – 0 points

13. Kevin Magnussen – 0 points

14. Nyck DeVries – 0 points

15. Nico Hulkenberg – 0 points

16. Zhou Guanyu – 0 points

17. Lando Norris – 0 points

18. Esteban Ocon – 0 points

19. Charles Leclerc – 0 points

20. Oscar Piastri – 0 points

4:15 p.m๐Ÿ—ž๏ธ Alonso will start second in Saudi Arabia after Pรฉrez, author of pole position!

Aston Martin is a reality. No doubt. Rub your eyes. Pinch yourself if you have to. They are not hallucinating. Now yes, they can dream big. He
Aston Martin is among the best. Alonso fought back.

It is a fact that
Bahrainbut it remains to be seen if he is still one of the best on a track with as many straight lines and fast corners as
jeddah and minor wear and tear. AND
alonso this is confirmed in the classification of
Saudi Arabian GP. He will start second
jeddah this Sunday (6:00 pm).

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4:10 p.m๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฆ F
1, GP Saudi Arabia | STARTING GRID | This is the starting grid for
Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia:

1. Checo Pรฉrez (1:28:265) 2. Charles Leclerc (10 place penalty)

Fernando Alonso

4. George Russell

Carlos Sainz

6. Lance Stroll

7. Esteban Ocon

8. Lewis Hamilton

9. Oscar Piastri

10. Pierre Gasly

11. Nico Hulkenberg

12. Guanyu Zhou

13. Kevin Magnussen14. Valtteri Bottas

Max Verstappen

16. Yuki Tsunoda

17. Alex Albon

18. Nyck DeVries

19. Lando Norris

20. Logan Sargent

16:05๐Ÿ”Ž We’ll tell you everything that’s happening on the circuit: from the ‘drivers parade’ to the post-race press conference. We will talk about the circuit, about the possible strategies of
Fernando Alonso, Sainz or Verstappenand much more.

its ready?

4:00 p.m๐Ÿ“บ F1 2023, Saudi Arabian GP | SCHEDULE AND WHERE TO MEET | The Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will start at
18:00 hours. Be able to see
DAZNand you can follow every minute of the race through this narration on
World of sports.

Enjoy this event live on DAZN:
Activate your account here!

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3:50 p.m๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฆ

The pole took him
Checko Perez in a classification where
Max Verstappenthe favorite and current world champion had engine problems in Q2 and will start in 15th position.

The best? He
Aston Martin of
Fernando Alonso. The Asturian pilot was the great sensation of the start of the season and now he will start from the 2nd position after the sanction of
leclerc of 10 positions.
Carlos Sainz starts 4th.

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Welcome and welcome to the Formula 1 Saudi Arabian GP, โ€‹โ€‹at the Jeddah circuit, live!

After the start of the season in Bahrain, the action returns to the track and does so in a race that looks epic and why not, with the option of victory for
Fernando Alonso. In
6:00 p.m will begin
prize of
Saudi Arabia in the circuit of

We have two hours ahead of us where we have to talk about everything that happened throughout the weekend, and let you know the final circuit time. It’s time to enjoy a beautiful Sunday that awaits us…
We started!

Source: La Verdad


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