Panda’s nose smells the Champions League


The scoring nose of Panda gave Real Betis a tight, crucial and well-deserved victory against Real Mallorca (1-0), which allowed Pellegrini’s men to mark a great distance on the seventh-placed team in the fight for Europe -on nine points- and keep their chances intact to continue fighting for the Champions League.

He Majorca, In a solid, very defensive 5-3-2, barely able to set foot in the opponent’s area or come out from their wingers, they managed to tie Real Betis in the first half, with local attempts limited to long range shot, without too much trouble for Rajkovic, because Borja Iglesias was closely marked by Raíllo and neither Canales, Rodri nor Ayoze from the second line found a way to surprise.

A volley by Miranda (16′) from the penalty spot, which rose, after a pass from Canales, was Béticos’ only attempt in the first half, as the rest were two shots from distance by Guardado (8′ ) and Ayoze ( 28′) which did not find the goal.

Vasco Aguirre’s team was hardly worried in attack -Muriqi had a goal disallowed for offside in the 21′-, but at the back they defended themselves with order against ideas from in beticos.

After the break the tables turned thanks to Panda’s scoring nose, who poked his toe in enough to deflect a shot from Sabaly with no apparent danger from distance to surprise Rajkovic and spoil all plans for Javier Aguirre.

Shortly after, the Mexican coach made three changes to have a little more presence up front, but Betis, with the excellent Gerrmán Pezzella, defended themselves with order and almost without problems, as all the attempts of the Balearic Islands was unsuccessful due to the good defensive performance of the Verdiblancos, who with this victory reinforces their aspirations to repeat in Europe for the third consecutive year, which they have not achieved until now.

(+) Watch the goal and the match summary

Real Betis Majorca



13 Rui Silva

1 P. Rajkovic

23 Y. Sabaly

fifteen P. Maffeo 71′

16 Mr. Pezzella 83′

(23 Amath Ndiaye)

(17 Joaquin)

twenty Mr. Gonzalez

3 edgar gonzalez

twenty-one rail

33 J. Miranda

2 M. Nastasic

5 Mr. Rodriguez

4 I. Ruiz De Galarreta

18 A. Saved

12 slime 57′

10 S. Canales 83′

(3 L. Augustinsson)

(6 v. Ruiz)

18 James Costa 57′

twenty-one Ayoze 69′

(17 T. Kadewere)

(7 Juanmi)

14 Dani Rodriguez 57′

28 Rodri 69′

(10 Anthony Sanchez)

(14 W. Carvalho)

7 V. Muriqi 77′

9 Borja Iglesias 92′

(9 Abdon)

(12 william joseph)

19 Kang In Lee

The objectives:(1-0) Borja Iglesias (48′)

cards:L Jaume Costa (31′), M. Nastasić (54′), A. Guardado (80′)L

Referee: Valentin Pizarro Gomez

Spectators: 50,402 to Benito Villamarín

THE BEST The options of the Verdiblancos to repeat the classification of Europe are growing
WORST Mallorca barely set foot in the opposition area

Source: La Verdad


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