“That doesn’t work” – black on blue: EU agendas for farmers, Karas rants


Udo Landbauer, party leader of the FPÖ and future deputy governor of Lower Austria, will take over part of the EU agenda on the basis of the black-blue working agreement. But the decision has already met with harsh criticism. ÖVP-EU politician Othmar Karas said in an initial response: “It can’t be done.”

Karas will probably be particularly annoyed that Landbauer, a representative of the EU-critical liberals, is taking over the EU agenda. In the future, he will be responsible for the EU Regional Policy Office, which supports the deployment of regional funds.

“I come from Lower Austria myself. Martin Eichtinger was previously the de facto European State Councilor in the state, the coordinator and implementer. He was also the one who represented the government in the Committee of the Regions in Brussels,” Karas angrily told the Standard about castling.

On Friday he already raged on Twitter against the black-blue coalition in Lower Austria: “Farmers and Waldhäusl trump each other with ideas that are incompatible with the ÖVP’s view of humanity.”

ÖVP-NÖ club president tried to calm down
ÖVP-NÖ club president Jochen Danninger tried to calm down on Sunday. “The foreign relations of Lower Austria, including the European Union, are and remain a top priority in Lower Austria, this responsibility is clearly regulated in the rules of procedure. The Europa Forum Wachau also falls under the responsibility of our governor.”

Eichtinger leaves the government
According to the rules of procedure, Mikl-Leitner is responsible for matters related to European integration and the coordination of the external relations of the state of Lower Austria, as well as for the enlargement of the EU. Other EU agendas are migrating from Martin Eichtinger (ÖVP), who is leaving government, to Landbauer: the office for EU regional policy and the administration of the Interreg Austria-Czech cross-border programme.

“President of the Europa Forum Wachau remains our ‘Mister Europe’ Martin Eichtinger. It is a great enrichment for our country that Eichtinger, as a distinguished diplomat with the best contacts around the world, will remain available in this central position in Lower Austria,” said Danninger. Deputy Governor Stephan Pernkopf (ÖVP) remains responsible for agricultural subsidies and the environment.

Landbauer is also involved in traffic and sports
Landbauer will also be responsible for traffic (road and public transport) and sports in the future. Mikl-Leitner will continue to be responsible for human resources and culture, among other things, and will also take over the business and tourism agenda from Danninger, who will move from the state government to the top of the club.

Source: Krone


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