Morales: “We will not give up even a little effort to achieve the goal”


The front of Villarreal Jose Luis Morales He assured that in the final stage of this season, his team will not strive to achieve the goal set by the club to play in the European competition next season.

“We have 12 games left against very important rivals and we have to go our way, game by game and we will see where we are, but I am sure that we will not leave the slightest effort to achieve it,” he said.

The footballer regrets the shocking elimination in the Conference League, after losing the home match anderlechtbut added that now they should focus on The league and in fighting for continental squares.

“We are being removed from Europe which is a goal we have in mind to continue. In The league We are sixth and have options to fight for the ‘Europa League’ and get closer to the ‘Champions’ places if we include Real. We would have liked to continue in the ‘Conference’, but the past cannot be changed and we have to focus on the current fight to be in Europe next season”, he insisted.

In the next league match against Real society Next week, Morales He pointed out: “We are still not focused because we have many players away with their national teams. We know that this is a very important game because we can reduce the points difference with them.”

The attacker from Madrid, who signed this summer for villarreal from I raisedhas easily seen the door in recent days, where he has had a greater participation in the face of the team’s casualties in the offensive zone.

“I’m feeling good, comfortable and seeing the goal easily. We forwards have streaks and I’ll try to go as long as possible. It’s a shame that we have many injuries in the upper zone, above all. That means that we all have to be prepared We all want to play more, but we are a very competitive team and the important thing is whoever plays plays as much as possible,” he said.

“I arrived knowing that playing will not be easy, that it will be complicated. It’s always been like that throughout my life, they didn’t give me anything. I arrived at a very high level team and I was not going to do good previous seasons to have my site. I was aware that I had to take advantage of my moment”, he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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