ICC order ignored – Orban government: “Would not arrest Putin”


Hungary wants to ignore the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin, a senior government official said. Putin would not be arrested if he came to Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s chief of staff and government spokesman Gergely Gulyás said Thursday. There is “no legal basis” for the execution of the arrest warrant in Hungary.

Hungary has signed and ratified the Rome Statute as the contractual basis of the ICC. However, it is not integrated into the Hungarian legal system, Gulyás argued at a government press conference. Under Hungarian law, Putin cannot be arrested. When asked, Gulyás said the Budapest government had not formed an opinion on the arrest warrant against Putin. However, his personal opinion is that these decisions are not very happy, as they lead to further “escalation” and not to peace.

“Spit in the Face of Order”
Criticism of this attitude promptly came from the opposition: “Every chance they get, they spit in the face of the rules-based international order,” Katalin Cseh, MEP for the Hungarian Momentum movement, wrote on Twitter. The government’s actions in Budapest were “shameful”.

Court makes it clear: Hungary is a contracting state
The ICC also sees things differently from the Orban government and, after ratification in November 2001, officially names Hungary as a contracting state. According to the court in The Hague, the fact that the text of the Rome Statute of 1998, on the basis of which the ICC was founded, was never promulgated as law in Hungary is irrelevant.

When asked by the APA on Thursday, it referred to the obligation to cooperate in the text of the statute, which states: “States Parties shall fully cooperate with the Court in the investigation and prosecution of crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court in accordance with this Statute.” together.”

Dependent on aid from Member States
The court has no police force of its own and relies on member states to arrest and extradite suspects. He issued an arrest warrant against Putin last week. The Russian ruler is accused of being responsible for the deportation of Ukrainian children and forcible transfer of Ukrainians to the Russian Federation.

While Ukraine welcomed the arrest warrant, Russia dismissed the allegations as outrageous. The Moscow leadership said it had brought thousands of children from conflict zones to Russia as a humanitarian protection measure. After Omar al-Bashir of Sudan and Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya, Putin is the third head of state to have an ICC arrest warrant issued during his term in office. The Criminal Court is supported by 123 states, including all EU Member States. Russia, like the US, Israel and Sudan, has withdrawn its signature.

Source: Krone


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