The re-evaluation of Araujo, is about to become historic


The re-evaluation of Araujo, is about to become historic

The re-examination of Araujo It’s through the roof, to the point where it reaches historic numbers and records. He boat He signed the central defender in the summer of 2018 for 1.7 million euros, which amounts to 5.2 with variables. Now, according to the specialized portal Transfermarket, its price has reached 70 million euros, only five in Marquinhosholding the top of the most important South American defense in history with 75 ‘kilo’ from 2021.

Araujo get the same rating as militaryalthough in the case of madridista it is worth real Madrid 50 million. Both could surpass the PSG player’s mark in no more than 25 years. Marquinhos He is the most valuable South American defender of all time and although his value has decreased somewhat, his personal best still stands.

Araujoas militaryupdated its value by 10 million euros after its recent and excellent performance so far in 2023 and they are chasing the current price of Ruben Dias and Josko Guardiol, the first in the total list with 75 million. The Barça central defender arrived in Spain with a fee of almost 175,000 euros from boston river. In quality and price, the boat ‘win’ vs military.

Source: La Verdad


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