Think about changing – As of April 1, many mobile phone rates will become more expensive


Think about changing – As of April 1, many mobile phone rates will become more expensive

The online comparison portal durchblicker advises customers with a mobile phone to switch providers soon. For many existing contracts, the rates will increase by 8.5 to 11.5 percent as of 1 April. With new customers, on the other hand, no increases are usually to be expected.

The higher rates are the result of inflation adjustments, which mobile phone providers usually implement at the beginning of April. This was confirmed by Drei, A1 and Magenta, as the magazine “Konsument” of the Association for Consumer Information (VKI) recently wrote on its website. However, with a contract change, many consumers could absorb the increases, according to employees of the comparison portal durchblicker. The reason for this is lower entry rates, which would not yet be included in the April increase when the rates were closed in March.

Check recommended for more than ten euros
“Those who pay more than ten euros in the future should take a look at the alternative offers on the market. So anyone who signs a new contract now is assured of the asking price for the next twelve months,” says Jonas Maurer, Head of Telecommunications at durchblicker. Entry rates start at seven euros for people who rarely use their mobile and from nine euros for average users. For those who use their mobile phone a lot, the offers currently start at around 19 euros.

The price differences between the individual providers are enormous. The range is up to 125 percent. With new contracts, not only the monthly costs must be taken into account, but also additional costs such as registration fees and service costs. Incidentally, if a customer takes his phone number with him to the new provider, the old contract will automatically end on the earliest possible cancellation date (usually one month). It is then no longer necessary to cancel the old contract yourself.

There should be no rate increases for smaller providers such as Spusu and Hofer Telekom. The reason for this is that no inflation adjustment clauses have been included.

Source: Krone


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