Miller creates with KTM the first big surprise of MotoGP in Portimao


Free 2 has never been counted for drivers who so far can fix any mess on Saturday morning in Free 3 and fight directly for the pole positions. But in the new format there were only two attempts, yes, from 45 they went to 60 minutes in the second to try to get directly into Q2.

Free 2 of the Portuguese GP had everything but the rain that in the morning slowed them down on the ride, although most of their times from the recent test improved. This allowed two men who are not usually traditional dry turn specialists to take the lead, such as Alex Márquez and Joan Mir, who were separated by 45 thousandths, the few who set up an attack on the clock. Both remained in the lead in Friday’s combined when the circuit’s power went down at 46’38” from the end, forcing the Race Direction to issue a red flag and send them to the pits. In the first quarter of an hour Quartararo, Viñales , Bagnaia , Martín and Oliveira were among those who had already lowered their morning times, and Pol Espargaró and Joan Mir added their first falls of the year, the former coming from pole position and the latter bettering his personal record.

After a break of about half an hour, they returned to the track and quickly began to reduce their times in the morning, especially Bagnaia, who was 16 thousandths behind Alex Márquez on the race wheel, because of the test his pace continued that’s a win. on Sunday, and shortly after Maverick Viñales, up to three thousand to temporarily lead that Free 2 with Marc Márquez, temporarily 17th and without morning improvement in that first post-break stint.

The first to steal the best time of the day from Alex Márquez (1’38″782) was his brother Marc Márquez with 1’38″665, flying not only below the record for pole position on the circuit that this (Bagnaia 1’38 ” 725 in 2021) but also his best test time. But it lasted a few seconds, because Jorge Martín put 1’38″370 in front and the session was twenty minutes long . The 1’37″968 achieved by Bagnaia on the second day of the recent test showed that this time he will not give away the lead in the joint.

Joan Mir, with his Honda chassis more like a Suzuki, different from the one chosen by Marc Márquez, continued to impress in the dry turn, after overcoming the first fall and rolling only 24 thousandths off the time of the ‘Martinator’ . At 17 from the end, the top-10 of the combined is leaving Free 2 with the improvement of Alex Márquez, temporarily third by 39 thousandths.

Aleix Espargaró and his 1’38″253 became the new reference when a minute later a new red flag appeared on the track after Pol Espargaró’s dangerous fall seen in a distant image while the rapid assistance team medical does not act at turn 10 and the reassuring message of a “conscious rider” The rider of GasGas Tech3 fell, just lost control of the motorcycle that threw him in the air, the first impact was on the helmet and then the body slipped on the asphalt while being chased he is a motorcycle. .

25 minutes later, while Polyccio was being treated, activity returned to the track for the final 14 minutes. The cut is from Quartararo with 1’38″978, the last to drop from 1’39”. In the box and without a helmet, Aleix Espargaró stayed while the rest of his teammates returned to the track, depending on how complicated his position in the Top-10 was, he would leave or not and finally he was forced to return.

The first to reduce the time of Aprilia’s ‘Capitano’ was Jorge Martín with 1’37″991, close to Bagnaia’s unofficial record in the tests. It lasted a few seconds as the champion ‘in pectore’ broke the official record with 1’37 “856 and coming to the red on the next lap he immediately stopped the engine of his GP23 at turn 3 after a warning on the dashboard.

Maverick Viñales also wanted to show the goodness of the new RS-GP by throwing his 1’37″746. The surprise came from Jack Miller and the KTM who raised the record to 1’37″709 and broke it to 1″ 2 his time trial Marc Márquez, who was chasing Quartararo’s tire, fell at turn 3 and there he was left with no choice to enter directly into Q2, falling to 14th position in the combined. The trial was accidental for Honda, 12th Mir, 13th Rins and 14th Marc Márquez are separated by 25 thousandths and all in Q1.

The ‘winners for Q2 Miller, Viñales, Bagnaia, Marini, Martín, Quartararo, Zarco, Bezzecchi, Aleix Espargaró and Bastianini. Alex Márquez, 11th, was 0″129 away from entering ahead of the Hondas, Augusto Fernández 16th, Raúl Fernández 17th, with both falls.

Source: La Verdad


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