MotoGP, live: Moto3, Moto2 and premier class races in Portimao, Portugal


Peep the races
Portuguese Grand Prix is celebrated in
Algarve International Autodromewhich is located half an hour from the city of
Portimao. The layout has
4.6 kilometers in length and
15 curves (6 left and 9 right).

One of the new things for this season is the
warm up before the races, although this session continues for the premier class. In fact, the pilots of
MotoGP They were on the track this morning for just 10 minutes, and these were the session times.

The fantastic Sprint was taken by Bagnaia against Martín and Marc Márquez

12 laps away, the fastest in the field, not necessarily the smartest in the plane he flew, the reigning champion
pecco bagnaiawho won the game against
Jorge Martin. The dose of heroism put them through
Marc Márquezthe unexpected polesitter, never losing intensity at all times led the rest before his acceleration deficit weighed him down at the exit of the last turn to finish line to occupy third place.

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An incredible turn gave Marc Márquez his first pole position of the year which was worth double

The eight-time champion found his life again and thanks to the slipstream of
ducati of
bastianini has broken the record for the best return to
Portimao together
1’37″226 leaving
Bagnaia and
Martin with whom he will catch the front row of the grill at
Sprint and the

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In Portimao, Salac made his pole debut ahead of Canet and Acosta

The first pole of the year in
Moto2 it is mentioned in
Portuguese GP a novice, the Czech
Philip Salaca pilot who at the age of 8 immigrated with his parents to
Valencia to compete with
Cradle of Champions and practice the best cycling in ages. And the team driver
Gresini beat two of the Moto2 championship’s strong men,
Aron Canet and
Pedro Acostathe two men with the best pace of the race for this Sunday.

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The first pole of the year for the Japanese Sasaki

The fourth type of the past
world was unresponsive while on his third
Jose Antonio Ruedathe only driver in history to win in the same year as
Red Bull Rookies Cup and the
World JRsneaks into second place on the grid for the first time.

WEEKLY SCHEDULE | Today’s day starts in just one hour, in the race of
Moto3scheduled for
12:00 p.m. Immediately after, at
1:15 p.mwe will have an intermediate category race, and then
Moto2the 25 laps of
MotoGP will take place from
3:00 p.m.

Before we start talking about everything that happened over the weekend…

Remember that you can enjoy this Grand Prix of the 2023 season by activating your DAZN account!

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Sooooo good morning!

Welcome and welcome to the broadcast where we continue
live everything that is happening now in
Portuguese Grand Prixthe first of the season of
MotoGP. From today we move to the Algarve International Autodrome to check how both the
warm up of the queen category as well as the races of the three categories.
Let’s get started!

Source: La Verdad


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