Zaniolo: “Almost everyone in Roma let me down”


the soap opera Nicolo Zaniolo with the Rome He continues to deliver his final blows, despite leaving the club in February. The relationship between the transalpine player and the entity was eventually broken after a series of episodes between the two, and the player broke his silence since Turkey to give his version of the facts: “I almost everyone in Rome failed. I won’t say names, but they said we were brothers and they didn’t even greet me. I can talk for hours and hours unfulfilled promises. They told me it was the lead, rather always They considered me just surplus value“.

It all started with the midfielder’s reluctance to renew and his intention to go to a big player in Premier League or to Milanbut no one offered 30 million who asked for a ‘gianlorosso’ set. Therefore, when the winter market ended in the best leagues, the footballer remained in the Italian capital.

Also, the high point of the break between the club and the player happened when zaniolo HE refused to be summoned for his eagerness to depart, before what Mourinho the reaction by losing all confidence in him: “When a player says, not only to the coach but also to his teammates and the club, ‘I don’t want to play for Roma’‘I don’t want to wear a Roma shirt and train with the group’…”, declared the Portuguese coach.

The Roman fans did not forgive the rudeness of one of their stars and harassed and threatened the player, who saw how his exit options were running out as he accepted the hatred of his fans: “For the first time in days this I was scaredfor me and my family, and I feel abandoned. This had never happened to me before, I was so scared. The future is in our hands: I have mine and I put myself at the complete disposal of the Romanista family,” the player explained in a statement, as the winter market closed in the 5 major leagues.

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Ultimately, the international with Italy I just left for Galatasaray through €15 millionhalf of what the team initially requested ‘she-wolf’after knowing what will happen 6 months on the stand in case of not leaving the club.

Source: La Verdad


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