The 3 Nacions of BWT, the first cycle tour to implement renewable energy


The 42nd edition of BWT’s Marxa 3 Nacionswhich will take place on June 11 at the nerve center of Puigcerda This will be the first and only cycling tour that will implement sustainable and renewable energy.

BWT’s Marxa 3 Nacions will travel, as happened in all its Editions, 3 countries and climb to the highest concrete port in Europe, the Port of Envalira, It already has 1,600 registered cyclists, out of a total of 2,500 registrations available, two months before it was implemented.

But the great new thing in this edition is the implementation of renewable energy production over the weekend of the march. As Jose Antonio Hermida, organizer of BWT’s Marxa 3 Nacions pointed out, “It is a matter of pride to say that we are pioneers in Spain and that we will speak to the people because we are opening a new path for events. sports to continue thinking about the the future.

It will also serve to put La Cerdaña and Puigcerdà on the map as the first self-sustaining event.. Many of us have waste and environmental reduction programs, but we need to keep adding, and this is a good example, Hermida pointed out.

Rafael Reyes, Co-founder and CEO of Solideo, explained that 3 Nacions and Solideo “share many values ​​such as a culture of effort, organic growth and a love and passion for nature and sport”. He also stressed that “we don’t want to add a regular sponsorship, but instead go one step further and make sure a portable installation can be installed so that the march will be energy efficient,” he added. Reyes.

The photovoltaic installation to be installed will have 30 photovoltaic modules of 400WP each, and that it is estimated to produce a daily consumption of 52.42kWh, for this reason a 12 kWp installation has been dimensioned where 100% self-consumption is available using a 4% energy as surplus.

“This 4% surplus will be put into the Puigcerdá Sports Center. Thus, not only will electricity have to be provided along with the environmental impact associated with it, but a surplus of 4% of energy will be generated for this public facility. As an example, the energy efficiency to be done on the weekend of the 3 Nacions of the BWT march is equivalent to the consumption of a car traveling 705 km.”, Details Rafael Reyes of Solideo.

Thanks to this union and the placement of solar panels in the implementation of energy methods, The green footprint is being promoted with the aim of reducing the environmental impact within 3 Nacions. Albert Piñeira, Mayor of the Puigcerdà City Council also stressed this “this year we will have 3 Nacions where sport and sustainability will come together, values ​​that fit us.

With this new implementation, we continue to support our will and footsteps of respect for the environment and territory. At 3 Nation, from Puigcerdà, we sell our place, and La Cerdaña, and the fact that this is the first self-sufficient march from an energy point of view, fits perfectly and it is a collaboration that makes us happy ”Highlights Piñeira.

Registration for the 42nd edition of BWT’s Marxa 3 Nacions to be held on Saturday June 11 is available until June 6. On May 2, registrations increased the price from 55 euros of the initial price to 65 euros until June 6 or until all available space is exhausted.

Source: La Verdad


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