The day Messi and Busquets could be from Madrid


Leo Messi and Sergio Busquets has led to a legendary career in FC Barcelonabut as explained by a former scout of real Madrid In Catalonia, they both went to the white club during their training period. manolo romerowho signed as a Catalan football scout for Real Madrid at the stage of Vicente del Bosquestated in BE Catalonia who witnessed the moment when the best football player of all time and his entourage maintained contact with the white club.

“A representative offered Messi to Real Madrid. Leo was sitting in my car. Horacio Gaggioli, who was driving a young Messi at the time, we were watching the match at the Premià field. Gaggioli told us that the Leo’s father was very upset because he believed that they would not give him a chance… Will you take us to Madrid?’, Don’t tell me twice, that right now I call the bosses,” he recalled. “And I called the bosses. That’s why Leo was in my car, when they were talking in my car with the ‘bosses’ of Madrid. Horacio said ‘hey, how’s Figo?’ That was an electoral issue, but you know that Madrid and Barça are barking at each other but not biting each other”, recalled the former Merengue scout.

Another of the culé myths that contacted Madrid before reaching the elite was Sergio Busquets. According to the same witness, the current Barça captain played for Jabac, a club with an agreement with the Barça entity, but they did not feel that he would have enough projection for the Barça club. “At that time there was a fax for his transfer to Madrid, but when Barça found out about it, they reacted,” Romero told SER Catalunya.

Source: La Verdad


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