Laporta: “We need Lewandowski to restore our pride”


Laporta: “We need Lewandowski to restore our pride”

Joan Laporta and Mateu Alemanywhich is present in the Cinematheque of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw (Poland), was praised Robert Lewandowskiwhich they joined in the presentation of the documentary ‘Unknown Lewandowski’, which will be released on Amazon Prime on Friday.

“We owe this move to his agent, Pini Zahavi, and his wife, who I think is also in favor of moving to Barcelona. Property Robert I like it too. And for us it is a symbol and we want to bring joy back to Barcelona fans. It worked. In this historic moment, we need a signing like this to regain our pride, be linked to our history and bring great joy to all “Barcelona fans”, he explained. Joan Laporta in statements to Meczyki.

The Barça president added that “Robert He is a great athlete, he has a gift for scoring goals. But most of all, I respect him as a person. He is a great professional, but he also cares about his teammates and the good team environment. And that is important to be successful. Robert He’s someone who pays attention to all of that.”

Mateu Alemany, Barça football manager He spoke to the same media outlet: “We are very, very, very happy with him. What we knew before, we look at every day now. Every training session, every moment. Not only in match, not only when he scores goals . He is an example to everyone especially to the young players who are many in our team. He shows how to be a super professional. How to dedicate yourself fully to your profession, take care of yourself, train 100%, demand the maximum , be very ambitious, have a winning mentality. That’s why we’re lucky to have him on the field, but also on a day-to-day basis, because he’s a great example for everyone.”

Source: La Verdad


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