The Catalan Athletics Federation presents its new brand


The Federació Catalana d’Atletisme presented the new brand and logo this Tuesday at its headquarters, with the presence of several members of the Board of Directors, Catalan clubs and the world of Catalan athletics, who filled the auditorium of the area located in Trafalgar Street in Barcelona.

The presentation ceremony was inaugurated by the president of the Catalan Federation, Mercè Rosich, who explained the decision-making process for the new brand and what aspects to highlight. “We had three big challenges at the beginning of our mandate, one of them was to change communication and make ourselves visible. We set out to move forward with honesty, cooperation and ambition. We breathed a lot of enthusiasm and we want to promote an active , dynamic and excited society, saying the effort that athletics means. And that’s why we decided to find a new, current brand that represents everything we want to achieve,” explains Rosich.

Rosich emphasized that this change does not end here. In the coming months, the transition will continue and the website will also be changed, closing this process that started with the new logo.

E2S, the implementing company

The company that did it is E2S, an agency specializing in marketing and advertising aimed at sports branding. Núria Sala, creative director, and Marc Amposta, creative copy, are in charge of explaining the reasons for choosing the new logo and the new colors.

During the presentation, Núria spoke about the new brand. According to him, “we want to generate a great impact on athletes and followers of athletics, of all ages and disciplines”

Sala explains how the process and the final motif came about: “We wanted to promote the FCA acronym, maintaining dynamism and exploring the color scale. In addition, we will bring you some very attractive applications, whose brand itself gives us the option to present something attractive and relevant”.

From now on, we will see this new logo and the new colors in competitions, in official announcements, in roll-ups, panels and various materials of the Catalan Athletics Federation, and it will be part of our everyday imagination.

Source: La Verdad


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