On the ground in the AKH – This is what patient care in Vienna will look like in 2023!


Shocking photos of Vienna’s General Hospital that will leave you speechless. A patient lies on the floor with the catheter loose. Others live under tarpaulins. A disgrace.

Doctors have been sounding the alarm about the situation in local hospitals for months. There are corridor beds, delayed surgeries with long-term consequences, and an emergency room collapse.

“Krone” leaked photos
But the footage leaked to the “Krone” points to even worse conditions. And the dozens of danger displays and the cries for help from the staff themselves cannot prepare you for these images. We are talking about the situation at station 19.C – the clinical department for orthopedics and trauma surgery in the AKH. There are frail people with urine bags lying on mattresses on the floor or – as one photo shows – even on bare linoleum. They are protected only by thin sheets. But against what or what exactly should they protect? For the bright light? There can no longer be any question of patient dignity with these photos.

“The Gentlest Means”
Incidentally, this residence procedure is referred to in the AKH as “the mildest means” and can be attributed to nursing care. The reasoning is as follows: “Because people who are torn from their familiar surroundings by an accident are more likely to experience acute delirium and therefore endanger themselves by falling out of bed, this is nursing care.”

Tied up or lying on the floor?
The alternative, according to the hospital, would be to tie patients to the bed. Because you don’t want these “unpleasant” conditions under any circumstances, sick people are transported to the floor in the nurses’ field of vision. A spokeswoman tells the “Krone”: “Patients with cognitive impairment who are accommodated on two mattresses without a bed can be monitored without endangering themselves and without the need for more unpleasant, freedom-restricting measures.” Fact is, it is said. : All measures have been and will be taken with care and coordinated with relatives.
What remains is one question: who wants to see their mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brothers and sisters vegetating on the floor of a hospital corridor?

Source: Krone


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