Iceta: "A single candidacy from Catalonia is an impossible scenario"


Ang Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, was convinced on Wednesday that a single candidacy for JJ.OO. Winter 2030 is an “impossible scenario” before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) when it comes to getting results.

Iceta, who made these statements to the media during a visit to the Teruel municipality of Mora de Rubielos, opted for a “powerful” candidacy from Spain and the Pyrenees, where Aragon and Catalonia are “absolute” that is focused. .

He was convinced that the Olympic Games were a “very important” opportunity for the entire Pyrenean territory, and expressed his confidence in the steps being taken by the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) in finding a solution that satisfies all. of the parties involved.

After defining the candidacy as a “scenario of opportunities”, he stressed that the show from Spain, according to talks he had in Tokyo and Beijing, had “many chances” to win.

He warns, however, that one of the conditions demanded from the IOC is that all parties involved be united, because, he added, “when there is a lot of noise around a candidacy, the chances decrease” .

In this regard, he recalled that the IOC had received a letter signed by the Presidents of the Spanish, Aragonese and Catalan Governments, as well as the COE to inform the presentation of a candidacy for the 2030 Winter Olympics, therefore, in his opinion, “today they can no longer understand someone leaving the hook. “

Iceta asked both the leaders of Aragon and of Catalonia to support the COE in finding a solution, which, he underlined, “I am convinced it can be found”.

“There is no stronger opportunity than a winter Olympics”, the minister assured after warning that both the inhabitants of the Catalan and Aragonese Pyrenees are waiting for an opportunity so that their territory “is not a place we only remember in short season.year, when there is snow.

He stressed in his speech that the candidacy would have “rivals of great importance” already hosting the Winter Olympics, although he pointed out in the next line that the “strength” of one of the Pyrenees does not hold of Spain. pa.

Venues are difficult to multiply

In his speech to the media, he explained that there was no set deadline for formalizing a “balanced and joint” candidacy for the Pyrenees, but at the same time he stressed that “we all know that before the summer should have been met let’s do that. agreed “.

In his opinion, it is necessary that all parties involved in the candidacy feel “comfortable and engaged” and they understand at the same time that if “no one wants to move” from their current positions, “there is no photography”.

Iceta warned, in connection with Aragon and Catalonia’s aspirations to host tests at all their stations, that budget restrictions prevent the multiplication of Olympic venues to provide them with all the infrastructure and facilities required by the IOC.

“In the end, surely because of the difficulties we have had to intertwine it, I think we’ll have a magnificent candidacy”, added Iceta, who said that “we have to dazzle the IOC”.

In his opinion, “we can’t afford to disagree for eventually they will tell us from the IOC that you will show up later.”

Source: La Verdad


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