Hamilton’s real message on the Alonso controversy


Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso they fought a good psychological battle with Formula 1 Australian GP. Those who were teammates at McLaren in 2007, and known rivals ever since, are fighting for second place after a rocky start. The Spaniard tried to force the British driver to make mistakes, but as the Oviedo man himself admitted, the Englishman drove “like the champion he is” and was unfazed by the fast laps the Asturian began to set to force him. increase his speed.and thus wear out their tires.

In fact, the Englishman said on the radio that Alonso “it came so fast” and he is sure that “they have to go to a different strategy because if it continues like this, their tires will not work.” “He’s trying to put pressure on you to wear your tires. Let’s not fall for it.” His track engineer Bono told him.

But there’s another phrase from Hamilton’s radio communications with his team that’s worth noting. ‘Sky Sports’ confirmed that Lewis said, in the middle of that fight, that “there’s no way I’m going to lose to Alonso”, a phrase that would reflect their feud and the feuds that still exist between the two pilots. But this has been misinterpreted.

Quickly, many media outlets echoed that phrase. But after a review of Hamilton radio conducted by the portal ‘PlanetF1’, Hamilton did not utter those words and his message was misunderstood. In English, the phrase would be “There’s no way I can beat him”. But really, what Hamilton said was: “See where I lose to him?”. That is, he asked: “Now, where am I losing to Alonso?”. A very different phrase from what the British pilot seemed to say earlier.

Hamilton Radio:

Bonus: “1″2 difference to Alonso.”

Bonus: “Alonso 21.7.”

Hamilton: “Now where can I lose against him?” (in English: ‘You know where I lose to him?’)”. That phrase was misinterpreted as: “No way I’m losing to him”, which means “no way I’m going to lose against him”.

Hamilton: “I have a lot of vibration in the front tires”

Bono: “Copy Lewis, it’s a rear axle thing, I’ll post you.”

Alonso praises Hamilton

“I think if we keep working together, we can fight the Red Bulls, but the fight today is with Fernando (Alonso). I enjoyed racing with him and it reminded me a lot of my first race here in 2007,” Hamilton said afterwards of the race. “I love competing with him. He’s a world champion and he’s still one of the best,” added the 7-time champion.

Fernando also referred to the rhythm of his battle with Hamilton and praised the Englishman. “In terms of speed, we are very close to Lewis. But every time I try to get closer, he seems to slow down. I tried to put pressure on him, but he has an amazing race. It did what you’d probably expect a champion to do, without any mistakes. He just locked a tire in turn 13 in 58 laps I think. I tried to put pressure on him, but nothing happened,” said Alonso who later posted a tweet applauding Hamilton’s performance: “Mega Drive Lewis” wrote.

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Source: La Verdad


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