This is the soccer world calendar until 2030


This is the soccer world calendar until 2030

Mundo Deportivo has had access to the FIFA international calendar that will govern global football until December 2030. Main calendar when organizing national leagues and various associations in their club competitions. In the case of UEFA; both Champions League and Europa League and Conference League.

A calendar that this year 2028 begins with the selection window from March 20 to 28 that just ended. The next one will take place from June 12-20, where the last four of the League of Nations will be played in UEFA. Concacaf celebrates its Gold Cup from June 12 to July 16. There are three more selection windows from September 4 to 12, October 9 to 17 and November 13 to 21.

In 2024, the Eurocup will be played in addition to the African, Asian and American Cups

2024 will be an intense year as continental national team tournaments will be held in four of the six confederations. Starting with the Asian Cup (January 12 to February 10) and a day later the African Cup (January 13 to February 11). From March 18 to 26 there is a selection window and another from June 3 to 11 except for UEFA because the Eurocup starts from June 14 to July 14 in Germany. On the same day and on the same date the Copa de América is played. The year closes with another three windows from September 2 to 10; from October 7 to 15 and from November 11 to 19.

2025 will be a quiet year with five selection windows (March 17-25, June 2-10, September 1-9, October 6-14 and November 10-18) as well as a new edition in between of June and July of the CONCACAF Gold cup.

The 2026 World Cup will take place from June 11 to July 19 and will have a fifteen-day break at the end of September

2026 will be marked by the 2026 World Cup which will be held from June 11 to July 19. Before that, there is a selection window from March 23 to 31 and another from June 1 to 9 just for the World Cup teams to prepare for big event

From September 21 to October 6 there is another break where teams can play up to 4 games. Last year was from November 9 to 17.

For 2027, the Asian Cup is scheduled to take place in January and the CONCACAF Gold Cup between June and July. In addition there are six four window options. Three of them for just two games (March 22-30; June 7-15, and November 8-16). The fourth will repeat the 2026 format, stopping the leagues for two weeks. From September 20 to October 15 and where up to four matches are played.

In 2028 the Eurocup, Copa América and Oceania will be played between June and July

In 2028, three continental tournaments will again coincide between June and July. These are the Eurocup, the America’s Cup and the Oceania Cup. From May 26 to June 2 they can prepare this appointment with friends. That means, by that date they should have finished all European competitions. Starting with the Champions League. There are also three other selection windows (March 20-28, the long one from September 18 to October 3 and the last one from November 13 to 21).

A new edition of the CONCACAF Gold Cup has been agreed for 2029, in addition to four national team windows. Three of them for two games (March 19 to 27, January 4 to 12 and November 12 to 20) in addition to another for four games from September 24 to October 9.

2030 is the year of the World Cup that Spain can organize

The FIFA calendar ends in the year 2030 which will see the World Cup again, which we expect Spain to be one of the organizers. The appointment is scheduled between June and July. Before June 3 to 11, the teams attending this World Cup event will be able to play their friends. In addition, there will be a first window from March 18 to 26, a second from September 23 to October 4 and the last from November 11 to 19.

Source: La Verdad


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