Another point, two are missing


Barça got another point from Madrid when they should have been on 15. But 13 is good. Xavi A few games in he has insisted that we must “value this League”. That’s right. Yesterday, against a very good Girona they could only draw and they ended the goal only three times (Araujo, Gavi, raphinha) while the rival did not do so on any occasion, although he had the best chance of the entire match. The artificial intelligence decided at the beginning of the season that Girona would be last in the standings. True intelligence says that the group of Michael He has football, intention and strategy and is staying away from relegation.

Barcelona fans have insisted many that the only goal is the League. Yesterday they put it back on the table Xavi and Jordi Cruyff. This will be achieved and people will be happy with the title. It will be appreciated. But true, unlike artificial intelligence. It will be a good season if Barça win the title. No doubt. But not a sensational one. The pending subject in Europe is powerful. And the injuries, too, because they influenced the trajectory and also the football. The absence of Peter It was too noticeable in the game of Barça and no way was found to fill that deficiency.

Barça again based offensive football this time on 27 crosses. Xavi sit down Ansu when more goals are needed and sunrise He is good at creating danger on his side. Fati He also played a good match, without obsessing over the goal, giving passes to Lewandowski and his companions come together more than in other encounters. The Polish forward played down his performance. He scored only four goals after the World Cup. But Barça’s problem is not only that it is not well up front. They maintain a very solid defense and are successful in pressing, but they need more tone of football, of intimidation. Quality is not discussed, but more choral sense is needed. There is no need to blame only the forwards. Girona, for their part, left happy and left a good image at a Camp Nou where some whistles were heard for the first time. All of these very well meet the goals, but it is also important to raise them. Another point, two are missing.

Source: La Verdad


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