Dr. Ripoll: “Gavi will be out for at least 10 months”


We are learning more details about the damage Gavi. The doctor Repoll He spoke again for El Larguero on the SER channel, and gave his opinion on how the recovery of the Barça youth squad can take place. After finding out the “complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and an injury related to the external meniscus,” the specialist wanted to pay special attention to the recovery of the meniscus.

For Repoll “The serious injury is to the meniscus.”because “it’s what protects the cartilage. Healing is key. These injuries make healing difficult because we have to wait for it to heal,” he commented.

He pointed out that since this is an injury where the meniscus of his knee is affected, the recovery time is longer than a simple torn cruciate ligament “It will be stitched up and we will be gone for at least 10 months, “If it’s just the torn cross it’s six to eight months.”

Despite the seriousness of the diagnosis, the doctor is positive and hopes to return to normal Gavi: “I hope I can see it too Gavi, I am convinced that we will see him again, he will advance with complete security. “We are at recovery rates of 80%, depending on the character and the will and cunning that the player himself puts into the recovery.”

Finally, he emphasized the importance of making changes to the football calendar: “We are doing something wrong because I think otherwise football would be a meat-grinding sport.. “Calendars must be adjusted, staff balanced and health issues regulated contractually.”

Source: La Verdad


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