Akanji’s reaction says it all: Rodri’s stratospheric intent


Rodrigo Hernandez He could not have chosen a better moment to inaugurate his scoring chart in the Champions League. The Spanish international broke the first tie in between City of Manchester and Bayern Munich with a flag goal midway through the first half.

It was 26 minutes into the game Rodri received from Bernardo Silva in the middle position. The man from Madrid orientated the ball with his left foot, which cut against museum and he didn’t hesitate to shoot from the front with his left foot, his least skilled leg. His shoe slipped in the right corner of the goal which was defended by Yann Sommerwhich renders the stretch of the Swiss goalkeeper useless.

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Akanji couldn’t believe it

A left-footed shot that sent the Etihad Stadium and other ‘citizen’ footballers into a frenzy, with special mention to Manuel Akanji, who raised his hands over his head in disbelief. This is the sixteenth goal of Rodri in 194 against the citythat he arrived in the summer of 2019 from Atletico Madrid.

Source: La Verdad


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