This is club culture! Over 10,000 spectators in the English Fifth Division


The first two classified of fifth division The English face an exciting match with four rounds left to go League regular, with first place at stake. On the one hand, there is wrexham ‘Hollywood’, owned by ryan reynolds and Rob McElhenney. On the other hand, the historical notts countythe first founding team of League English derived from ‘League‘ in its 161 years of existence in 2019, the year in which their fall into the abyss began… and now they will have to wait a little longer to get out.

The match before the game made it a unique encounter: only one of them could be directly promoted to quarter division. Both teams have greater potential than the division in which they compete. Notts County he is the leader, with 100 points in his box… same as wrexham, which is less of a game. Both teams have scored more than 100 goals and the goals conceded are also similar: 36 for county and 39 for him wrexham.

In front of a crowd of over 10,000 and with owner Ryan Reynolds in the stands, Wrexham achieved the miracle of direct promotion in a massive game. Notts County took the lead with a fine free-kick in the last game of the first half, but by the start of the second half, on 69 minutes, Wrexham had come from behind to lead 2-1.

At minute 75, Notts County tied 2-2 with a goal from Kyle Cameronbut Elliott Lee put the wrexham regained the lead with a goal just three minutes later, leaving the score at 3-2.

When it seemed like the game was going to end, a penalty was called in favor of Notts County in the 97th minute… but Ben Foster, ex-goalkeeper of Manchester Utd, West Brom and watfordto join in wrexham last March after more than a year of not playing, he became a hero by stopping the release of Scott.

He wrexham He emerged victorious from the match and now has every opportunity to prove his direct promotion in the coming weeks.

Source: La Verdad


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