Daniel Levy has made it clear what he thinks about Harry Kane’s future


Harry Kane it’s on its way to being, once again, one of the soap operas of the summer. If two seasons ago he was close to being in Manchester City, now his neighbor is the united is thinking of making his signing taking advantage of that fact The contract ends in June 2024.

Here’s the one with the last word, however, is Daniel Levypresident of Tottenham, and he’s not exactly one to give his arm to twist as the previous ones have indicated. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen either, even knowing it could be free for a season.

This time, however, Levy tried to flirt right so that he could continue wearing the ‘spur’ shirt, because he knew that in this case the pan was no longer his so he took the handle. “I am fully convinced that he can win a title here”Tottenham’s chief executive told Athletic, adding that “Being a legend is also important. He is Tottenham’s top scorer, he is making history. I hope one day there will be a statue of Harry Kane outside the stadium.”.

with a sentimental base Levy He will try to persuade the English striker but, if he does not succeed, it will not be easy for him either. united. The price they put on Kane was 120 million euros, something that seems difficult for him to assume that the ‘red devils’ will have to pay knowing that in a year it will be free. “I don’t consider myself a special negotiator or anything like that, I only act in the best interest of my club,” he warned. Levy, who said that the secret of a transfer is based on “the balance of power. If you have a player that you really don’t want to sell, then you have every right to refuse, you own his record.” “It also depends on the character of the footballer, if you feel that in the end you can keep him because he feels part of the team. That union is very important,” he clarified.

Source: La Verdad


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