Hard version of City


Hard version of City

If he Arsenal achieve the Premier title, which he has been searching for for 19 years, will be a dramatic and extremely exhausting experience for his fans and his players. The sad pressure of the current champion, maintained every day with perseverance and greed, went with the roots of the London club before the cherished dream, which they knew was about to come true. The ‘gunners‘ They have been conceding goals to their rivals for three days now, because of their inability to control that pressure. Three loan draws, luckily for Manchester City, who will have another change tonight, at ettihadwhen the two giants of the Premier meet and decide, especially with their defenses facing each other, who is the best.

Both the ‘gunners’ and aspirants, such as city, in defense of the title they have won four times in the last five years, this time it will be more about avoiding conceding goals than scoring them. And in that Guardiola’s team managed to reinvent itself this year, to offer its toughest and rockiest version. A psychological factor to exploit, which will also weigh on the Ettihad. Within Arsenalthe loss of its titular centre-back, William Spit, was an unexpected blow for Mikel Arteta’s team, as they had no replacement with equal speed, strategy and strength in their squad, to produce high pressure and cover the spaces behind them. The Frenchman’s absence coincides with three days in which his replacement, the Englishman Holding, has not been at the same level and they have conceded seven goals in the Premier.

Evidence of the tension sent by the leader, and due to errors in concentration, the Arsenal they conceded the fastest two goals in the Premier League this season. The first against Southampton, at 27 seconds, a ‘gift’ from the always sure Aaron Ramsdale at the exit of the played ball. The one against Bournemouth, another team from the lower zone, when Philip Billing scored after only 9 seconds of the game, after a collective hesitation. There were too many concessions due to anxiety, which Manchester City, more protected than ever, assumed as a moral advantage to deal the final blow to its rival.

The city’s numbers are overwhelmingly in their favor. This was the year where Guardiola protected his goalkeeper Ederson the most. There are some cracks in City’s defensive line. Perhaps learning from last year’s loss to Bernabeuwhich deprived him of playing in the Champions League final, the ‘citizens’ fear of this man with a goal, with Haaland, but also, and above all, they are becoming more cautious. Guardiola now places Stones, another marker, in midfield, as a false right-back, with Aké, Akanji and Ruben Dias, as centre-backs. Walker and Laporte are the alternatives to rotations. City precautions are a new surprise. They conceded just 28 goals, three more than Newcastle, the least beaten team.

The physical power of City of Manchester This is the screw for the English champion to reassert his dominance in the Premier. Now he also knows how to cover well, although tonight, with no margin, the Arsenal It will put you to the test, like a final exam. The leader will go on the attack without obligation, because it is only worth winning, fighting against himself and against the forecast of fate

Source: La Verdad


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