Bale responded to Wrexham’s offer


The former soccer player Real Madrid Gareth Bale decided on the possibility of returning from retirement to defend the wrexhama Welsh team gaining worldwide fans after its actors bought the media ryan reynolds and Rob Elhenney. With a modest budget, but the charm of its new owners, they tried to lure the Welsh star, taking advantage of the fact that he hung up his boots in January and could defend a team from his country.

In social networks, of course, Elhenney began a strategy with Bale. “Hey Gareth Bale, let’s play golf where I won’t spend 4 hours convincing you to come back for one last magical season,” the actor wrote. “Depends on the field…”, replied the former soccer star, who geolocated the post at Saint Andrews and caused an explosion of excitement among the Wrexham fans. Reynolds soon joined in, uploading an Instagram story with a photo of Bale wearing the Welsh club’s shirt. And Bale, once again, responded…

After receiving the FEVO Sport Industry Awards 2023 Outstanding Contribution award, Bale was asked if he missed football. “No, I’m enjoying my free time. I started very young and I feel the time is right,” explained the Welshman who was also asked about his possible move to Wrexham. “No, I don’t think so, I was more looking for a free round of golf with Rob” he answered between laughs.

Bale added that “I’m sure we’ll talk and joke but I’m happy the way I am. Spending a lot of time with my children, my wife, the time I’ve lost in recent years. in football. I’m enjoying family life and playing some golf.”

Source: La Verdad


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