Never So Hot – Spain: April heat record broken for Europe


An unprecedented summer heat – and that in April. After meteorologists have been warning for days that the mercury will skyrocket, the predictions have now been confirmed. With a temperature of 38.8 degrees Celsius, it was never this hot in Europe in April.

The previous temperature record in southern Spain was 37.4 degrees in Murcia – temperatures rose significantly higher in Cordoba on Thursday. Temperatures also came close to the previous record in Seville – almost 37 degrees were recorded there in the shade.

Not a normal weather phenomenon
Is this a normal weather phenomenon? Hardly: Normally the average temperature at this time of year is a relatively pleasant 25 degrees. However, due to the climate catastrophe, the jet stream (strong wind field in the troposphere) has shifted and is now draining hot air from the Sahara, propelling it towards Spain.

The effect is enhanced by a lot of sunshine – this can heat up the land and thus the air even further.

10 to 15 degrees too warm
But it also became warm in neighboring countries – Portugal and Morocco also reported new records. At 100 kilometers east of Lisbon, 36.9 degrees were measured and in Marrakech even 41.3 degrees. Portugal’s weather agency said it is currently “10 to 15 degrees” warmer than usual.

Even before the summer season, Spain is already struggling with extreme drought, which not only affects farms, but also encourages the spread of forest fires.

Source: Krone


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