Controversy between soccer players with FIFA: “Deflate my tits”


Bitter controversy between key figures of women’s football and FIFA. There have already been some players who have come out against the world’s highest governing body for soccer as a result of the images they used to promote FIFA 23, where they feel objectified. After some initial criticism due to the small coincidence between the main characters and their avatars, this new controversy has come to light.

Many female players have expressed their discomfort with the popular soccer simulation video game developed by EA Sports. After including the Women’s Champions and the NWSL, The North American league, in the video game, has several soccer players who have criticized the image used of them.

So, footballers like it Caprice Dydasco, Katie Stengel or Sydney Leroux separated against the 3D models that represent them. His avatars are really exaggerated.

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“You will scare my children”, was published Sydney Leroux. “I’ve had a headband, a braid, a tattoo on my neck, super eyebrows and someone even busted me! Deflate my tits a little and put on a different shirt size”.

Madison Hammond He continued in the same vein by saying “if someone is, as I understand it, Madison Hammond #99 from Angel City. It’s not just me.”

Source: La Verdad


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