Sainz took a giant step in Miami and Alonso, hiding behind Red Bull and Ferrari


Carlos Sainz had to show from the start that what happened in Baku was something special. In Azerbaijan, the driver from Madrid suffered a lot in his Ferrari. He had to recover the level shown in Australia, where he was superior to Leclerc. And in Miami, on a resurfaced circuit, very ‘green’, with very little grip, where it is very easy to make mistakes, The man from Madrid sent a clear message.

F1: Where to watch Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix on TV and schedule

He wants to hit the jackpot this Saturday. In the race it will be another song due to the high damage of his car and the superiority of the Red Bull, but for now, after one lap he wants to be in the battle. It is clear to me that Baku is a simple matter of settings. He warned that in Miami he will return there. And this Friday he kept his word. Verstappen led Free Practice 2 of the Miami GP, and behind him was Carlos Sainz in second position, 0″385 behind. of the Dutch pilot and beating a Charles Leclerc (3rd at 0″468) who ended up crashing into the wall after losing the rear of his Ferrari.

Sainz tests Ferrari’s new floor

Carlos Sainz was left without testing the new background brought by Ferrari to Miami in Free Practice 1 to allow the team to make a comparison between this new element, on Charles’ car, and the previous one, worn by the Spaniard. But in Free 2with this novelty in his single-seater, which aims to reduce the load on the car and the resistance to advance to be faster on the straight, andThe Spaniard continued in good spirits.

Those from Maranello draw positive conclusions from this new background, with changes to the diffuser, and they want to opt for pole position with a double trick against the two Red Bulls: Leclerc and a Sainz who arrived in Miami wanting to join that party.

Alonso, 5th, aiming for the podium

Fourth was ‘Checo’ Pérez. The Mexican, who was touched by the magic wand on the urban track, will have to improve to challenge his teammate Verstappen again in the ‘qualy’, as he is left at 0″489.

And just behind the four favorites finished Fernando Alonso, in 5th position at 0″730. Aston Martin should continue to make progress at turn one and, for now, the Asturian’s goal should be to get into the Top-5 in qualifying.

The Spaniard was satisfied with the adjustments and balance of his car from Free Practice 1 and only took advantage of the less roughness of the new asphalt in Miami to test the height changes that gave him more grip in Free Practice 2 . Alonso is trying to maximize his result in qualifying knowing that his car’s biggest strengths will continue to be on Sunday, with his long run and his better tire management. In Miami, the temperature of the black asphalt track will be high and with thermal degradation, Aston Martin will once again seek to be the second best car in the race. Starting 5th could be synonymous with a podium on Sunday, as Ferrari should suffer more in this aspect despite its improvement.

For now, on ‘worthy’ Fernando Alonso must ensure that he overcomes the two Mercedes and reaches 5th place. All who come from there will be accepted.

Hamilton was 7th behind Norris’ McLaren, and Russell, struggling to get comfortable, was 15th. But beware: the stars always turn heads every Saturday. This Friday, Hamilton and Russell made a comparison of various aerodynamic elementsso in real fire, they will be Alonso’s rival again.

A ‘qualy’ transfer is expected

Here we must add the possibility that it rains at night and the little rubber that is on the track is cleaned on a slippery track, between the walls and where traffic is another main element. ‘qualy’ looks exciting. Verstappen wants pole position, but so do Sainz, Leclerc and Pérez. AND Ferdinand He will battle to advance the task on Sunday, remaining fastest in a session where red flags and accidents could also be back-to-back days after what was seen on Friday.

Leclerc went into the wall in Free Practice 2. Hülkenberg, in Free Practice 1. And there were multiple braking passes and several spins. The ‘show’ is guaranteed.

Source: La Verdad


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