The original Mother’s Day celebration by Athletic players


The original Mother’s Day celebration by Athletic players

The F League match played this morning at Lezama had an original and lovely preface. The Athletic players went out onto the pitch accompanied by their amatxus to take a family photo with each of them wearing a shirt with the daughter’s number and the amatxu’s first or last name. A unique and emotional way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Paula Arana, the author of the first goal for the lions against Betis, also ran to ask for his shirt as soon as he beat the Verdiblanco portal to dedicate the target to his mother with the corresponding shirt.

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Athletic masculine also had a similar initiative a few seasons ago, in conjunction with the Mother’s Day celebration. The rojiblancos used to wear their usual shirt and number on their back, but with the name or surname of their mistress.

Source: La Verdad


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