Foden recalled last year’s tie: “Even though we lost…”


Phil Fodensoccer player City of Manchesterhas confirmed that he really enjoyed playing last year at the Santiago Bernabéu and that the experience of facing the real Madrid in his house he was “very beautiful”.

Fodenwho has been relegated to a substitute role this season at cityremembered the tie last year where the white team back in stoppage time with two goals from Rodrygo will go.

“We have to believe in ourselves”

“I think we have a great opportunity ahead of us, so we have to be positive. We have to believe in ourselves. We’ve already reached the final before, so we’ve shown that we can do these rounds,” he said. Foden.

“Wonderful experience”

“Even if we lost, I wanted to face Real Madrid at home. The atmosphere and being in a stadium like that… I enjoyed every moment, even if the game didn’t go the way we wanted. Just the experience of being in is so beautiful that stadium” Added the English attacker, only 22 years old.

Source: La Verdad


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