Morante de la Puebla’s son will play for Real Betis


José Antonio, son of bullfighter José Antonio Morante Camacho ‘Morante de la Puebla’, Recently signed for Real Betis where the youth team he will play from next season after standing in the ranks of the cadet team of the historic Coria CF, which this season celebrates its centenary.

Morante de la Puebla, number one in the bullfighting ranks, that at the previous April Fair he cut off both ears and the tail of the Maestranza -something that has not happened for more than fifty years- he is a great fan of Real Betis, like his son, who will thus have the opportunity to play in the team of his love.

The academy department of Real Betis He has been following José Antonio’s evolution at Coria for some time and with El Desmarque’s progress last week he is now committed to playing in the Betis youth team next season.

Morante is a close friend of the Betic captain, Joaquín Sánchez, who is also a fan of the boss from La Puebla del Río. “Joaquín is more of a bullfighter than a footballer,” Morante pointed out a few years ago in an interview with RTV Betis, in which the captain of Betis also participated, having fought many times in Morante’s farm. “When I play football, I play and I dream of fighting. My way of expressing myself is to hit a half veronica or a modified pass. My wife often takes me for crazy,” said Joaquín that day.

Source: La Verdad


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