David Valero begins the defense of the world number one in the Czech Republic


David Valero begins the defense of the world number one in the Czech Republic

david valero (BH Coloma Team) will start this weekend world number one ranked defense at the opening of world cup of mountain bikingwhich is disputed in Nove Mesto Na Morave (Czech Republic).

The Andalusian runner explained to EFE that he is coming to this test the way he wants, although the last week has been complicated by some stomach discomfort he experienced after a race in Elda, where he won.

“After finishing I felt sick to my stomach and the next day I had bad feelings”, admitted the BH cyclist, who nevertheless feels “recovered and with great enthusiasm”.

He knows that being number one in the ranking not only puts him among the favorites, but will also make a large part of the squad focus on him from the start. “But, honestly, the pressure is what everyone wants to convey,” he opined.

Valero favors “gradually” in the race and the season.

In fact, last year, that dynamic, from less to more, gave him the greatest success, namely the runner-up in the world and, with it, rising to number one in the world ranking, if Where is he now. exceeding almost 200 points in Italian Luca Braidot and in more than 300 of the “eternal” Swiss Nino Schurter.

All three are among the favorites for this weekend’s test, which begins with a short race this Friday, although the start of the season “is rare for everyone” and often brings surprises from runners who are more advanced . in preparation because they don’t complete the season or they go on the road.

In fact, last season the winner of this test was the British Tom Pidcock (Ineos) who then took advantage of his “peak” form for the road tests and this time he can also continue that dynamic.

Other cyclists to follow are the French Uncle Caroud and the Chilean martin vidaurrethe two youngest in the top five in the world rankings, who will try to take advantage of that energy at the start of the competition.

“I think today there will be surprisesquite a bit, because the season is very long and we play a lot at the end, between September and October, so in this test, it’s possible that there are those who are at a higher level”, admitted the BH rider.

Because he is convinced that “with such a demanding schedule, the important thing is gradually” and “to know that now it is not possible to be one hundred percent and when you need to be it will be in about three months” .

“Yes, it’s true that you have to start at a good level”mainly because there is another goal at stake, which is to ensure that Spain can count on three cyclists at the next Olympic Games in Paris and, in fact, BH wants them to be its riders. Valero, Pablo Rodríguez and Jofre Culell.

“It’s something we’re about to get to now,” Valero explained, because Spain is the second country in the world ranking “but it must be ratified”. “We’re very motivated to start getting it right now.”

In the Czech Republic, male runners are included, which also includes the Argentine champion Catriel Sotothe La Rioja team had its women dismissed, moreover Rocío del Alba, Nuria Bosch and Natalia Fischer They will seek to be from the beginning of the World Cup in the upper part of a squad led by Swiss runners, to improve the positions and thus aim at the Paris Games.

In addition, in the elite competition in the Czech Republic, Spain plays another trick, the youth David Fieldswho this year left BH to sign for Orbea and who, after a brilliant World Cup in the under-23 category, climbed to 13th place in the world ranking.

Ahead of him, in position nine, is the Romanian vlad dascalufrom the Trek team, representing his country of origin even though he has lived in La Rioja since he was a child, a few kilometers from the headquarters of the BH Coloma Team.

Source: La Verdad


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