Christophe Galtier, sounded about the possible ownership of Messi in PSG


Messi returned to training on Monday after PSG lifted the ban imposed on him for his escape to Arabia. Since Tuesday he has joined the rest of his teammates and tomorrow he will not only enter the squad for the clash against Ajaccio, but he will also start. Christophe Galtier confirmed this at the start of a game where the radicals were not at the Parc des Princes.

Messi’s return: “He’s the starter tomorrow. Leo is Leo. His figures are interesting. I spoke to him on Tuesday to see how he was doing and he was calm, motivated and eager to win again. We welcome you again with great enthusiasm. He trained hard and wanted to play. I have nothing to say about the sanction.”

The protest of the ultras: “It’s a decision I won’t comment on. I’d rather have better news because your support is important. The atmosphere at Parque de los Príncipes is completely different from theirs. Anyway, there will be more fans and I hope they will help us” .

Key weekends: “It’s an important game, but not decisive. I said it against Troyes and I’m repeating it today. Tomorrow we won’t be champions. It’s been a season with many ups and downs but now it’s time to finish it” .

Train PSG: “It is difficult to answer all kinds of questions, but I understand that this is part of the position I occupy. It also happens at other clubs. At PSG you have to expose yourself a lot, before and after every game” .

Ajaccio, almost down: “We’ve lost three of the last four games at home. I think Ajaccio came without pressure. He wasn’t relegated, but coming into this situation could allow him to express himself unhindered. “

Source: La Verdad


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