Cartagena-UD Las Palmas: the islanders leave no stone unturned in the transfer


Cartagena-UD Las Palmas: the islanders leave no stone unturned in the transfer

UD Las Palmas had to use a private flight for the match against FC Cartagena before the agreement between the yellow club and the coach, Xavi Garcia Pepperso that travel time is not wasted.

A flight of this type can be around, at least, 50,000 euros and that without accommodation costs. It’s not just renting equipment to staff. It should be calculated that, due to the dimensions of the device, it is necessary 10,000 euros for parking and the additional cost for landing or departure after 10 pm. And that’s not counting the luxury tax per passenger (players, technical team and guests) for private flights, catering on board per passenger.

At that pace and to take advantage of the week on Sunday, as soon as he returns, there is training before the match on May 28 at the Gran Canaria Stadium against Alavés.

UD Las Palmas hopes to bring historical joy to the islanders: the direct promotion to Primera although, in case this is not achieved, they have the option of a promotional league, something that no one likes because it plays everything on one card. or two. Las Palmas need six points to climb to the First Division: that is, win the last two remaining games.

In that context, Enzo Loiodice, The player of UD Las Palmas, expressed this week his confidence in the promotion. “We have two more chances, two finals. And the last one is at home. It is logical that we failed – after the 1-1 draw with Villarreal B–, but you must continue to the end; we will suffer until the end”.

The French player said “we thank all the fans. We didn’t take this chance, but we will be together and in the end we will cry for joy”, said the Frenchman in an optimistic tone.

Source: La Verdad


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