Everton’s rivals threatened to sue him for 340 million euros!


The environment is heated to Premier League. Especially because of the relegation zone and it is the direct rival of Everton to try to go to the Championship they threatened asked for 340 million euros in the case of avoiding category loss.

The Daily Mail explains that southampton, leeds, Nottingham Forest and Burnley have contacted the Premier League to inform them that they are entitled to compensation if the Everton has been found guilty of violating the rules of Fair Play.

Not only that, they would have also requested that the disciplinary hearing of the ‘toffees’ be expedited in case of any punishment, as it could include the deduction of points and that would affect the current season, which would directly affect the clubs They will fight to avoid relegation. A request that was denied and caused the clubs to present a series of documents to be part of the proceedings.

In case the Everton If found guilty, the fight for the compensation sought by these clubs will be carried out in a commission separate from this case, in which they were accused in March. All of these are direct rivals They want to take 340 million euros should Everton achieve permanent. And further, Burnley will link this case to their relegation last season, which claims another 140 million euros in estimated losses due to not getting into the Premier League this season. In fact, the said club and Leeds were the first to take legal action against Everton a year ago due to persistent suspicions of three years of rubbish which should have breached the rules of Fair Play, although it did not material because they ensure it complies with regulations. .of the Premier League.

The next complaint came in March. Everton showed losses in the last three-year period of 360 million pounds sterling, when the limit was set at 120 ‘kilo’even the costs of infrastructure, women’s football and community projects must be deducted, as well as losses related to Covid, which according to Everton amounted to 103 million euros, thus reducing 257 ‘acts’ to justify.

Source: La Verdad


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