Marcus Rashford, at the height of Robin van Persie


Marcus Rashford has just joined the club of historic players of Manchester Utdscoring his goal number 30 of the season and becoming the first player to reach that number since robin van persie in the course 2012-13It has been raining ever since.

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The English attacker came off the bench and rounded off the winning match Chelsea (4-1), who scored the fourth goal. Also, his amazing campaign has another great person in charge, and that is none other than his coach, Erik Tenhag. The former coach of ajax It is given absolute trust and it could not be better, because it achieved its best version.

their 25 yearsexpect him to continue at this level and he can give even better performance, become a true legend in Old Trafford. Furthermore, himself Van Persie praised Rashford in April: “I think he is going through his best moment, because he is very fit and he looks very focused. it’s like fun fun. Everyone knew how good he was when he was young, but now everyone is is starting to fit because of him, the coach and his teammates”.

Source: La Verdad


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