“We will go to death for that Cup”


Barbara Latorre has been in days gone by the spear of Atlético de Madrid Women. In his new role as center forward, he makes the team play, and has a role similar to that of griezmann in the men’s group. This Saturday is one of the main assets of mattresses to win the final of Queen’s Cup in real Madrid. He now has two of his palmares, and saw firsthand the only win Atleti had when he played in Barcelona.

There is still some time left for the grand final of the Copa de la Reina. How are you today?

I feel good, I have confidence to face this final. I think I will come at a good time and I will try to help the team as much as possible.

What sensations were there in the dressing room before the final?

Lots of hope. I really want to compete, play and be in the final. And the moment has come to argue about it.

After the disappointment of not qualifying for the Champions League, do you think this final is more important?

It was a difficult year. I think reaching the final is the best thing that could have happened to us. It is very beautiful and to be able to enjoy it together.

Is there a special motivation for being at Real Madrid?

It’s always nice to play against Real Madrid, it’s a derby. We are ready for all that comes. It’s going to be a great fight and I’m sure there’s going to be a show.

More importantly, it will be good for the fans. Do they know its importance for the fans?

Yes, there is a lot of motivation. In the end it’s against the eternal rival and I think it will be a match you won’t miss.

This season, one draw and one loss… now it’s time for Atlético to win, right?

That has to come to see it. We will do everything in our power to make that happen and we will be as prepared as possible for that to happen.

What could be the key to the fight?

It will be a very competitive game. We will have to be very focused to counter all their strengths and we take advantage of ours. I think we can do a lot of damage to Real Madrid and minimize all the damage they can do to us.

Which Real Madrid players should be considered?

They are all very good, but it is true that Weir makes a difference. You need to pay attention to it. All of them can do a lot of damage and we have to be careful.

Until today, Atlético de Madrid Femenino won the Copa de la Reina and you were on the field but in front… how do you remember it?

It was a different time. Now it’s my turn here, it’s the final and I want to win. So we go to the death for that Cup. You have to come out with all the motivation possible, and know how to get all the game time.

You lost that one, but you have two under your belt. How special do you expect the third one to be?

The year was very difficult, I was personally recovering from a serious injury and everything brought me to get back on track and in a good time. I feel good. I believe that it can be something very good to end this joy. Ultimately, I’m here to contribute as much as possible. You have to achieve the goal. We’re just a game, no matter what happens. We arrived at a good time. We are excited and eager to win that final. We will go to death to make that happen.

In 2016 he scored a goal that went around the world. Piqué said it was typical of Messi or Cristiano. It’s a dream to do something like that in a final, right?

It would have been great, but not how I scored but not to win. No matter how many points you score, the important thing is to win. It is a final and the important thing is to win at any cost and score at any cost to get that victory. It would be great, but the best thing is that we will win and we will enjoy everything.

How do you remember that goal?

It was a great moment. I didn’t expect the boom that happened. I think I will remember it for the rest of my life. It was a great moment. I didn’t repeat it again so it gives more value.

In January he made another appearance after overcoming a torn anterior cruciate ligament that kept him off the pitch for six months. I thought you had already opened the injury page, right?

I have never had a knee problem. It has been a very good recovery. I am confident and do not think at any time about the knee.

And now playing as a center forward, because you always play on the wings. How do you adapt to that position?

In the end he tried to adapt me as best as possible, the coach believes that I can help the team more there. Me, helping the team is enough. I am interested in contributing my grain of sand and joining the team.

In the past, you mentioned that you want to be a young mother, do you still have challenges?

When I was little, I always said that I wanted to be a young mother, but in the end, the events that unfold make you live in the moment. Until now I still don’t think about it. I think that will come. I have always been excited to be a mother, but now is not the time.

And the matter of motherhood, how is it talked about in the locker room?

Basically, in the end everyone has different circumstances and what everyone decides will be fine. It’s not my time now. In the future I want to be a mother and you never know.

The World Cup is coming up in the near future, are you looking forward to being there?

Well there it is. I am available for whatever is needed and that is the coach’s decision. To be able to play in a World Cup is unique and I hope to experience it.

You were injured when there was a controversy with Jorge Vilda, how did you experience it outside?

This is a complicated situation. In the end, these are things they should talk about, but I refrained from it.

Source: La Verdad


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