Divide populists – Trump’s sorcerer’s apprentice seeks power


Ron DeSantis is competing for the presidential nomination against his former mentor. What drives the arch-conservative governor from Florida? What role do his wife and three children play? What are his chances?

The announcement of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a sensation planned by multi-billionaire and Twitter boss Elon Musk that he wanted to run against Donald Trump in the internal party election campaign for the Republican presidential nomination was marked by bankruptcies, bad luck and mishap. For the first time in the US, a bid for the presidential candidacy cannot be announced on television, but via social media. 500,000 users had already signed up for the conference call on the Twitter Spaces audio platform – and then the technology failed.

It took Elon Musk and his technicians over half an hour to create a more stable line. By the time DeSantis finally announced his candidacy, there were only 300,000 users left. Donald Trump recently had 3.3 million viewers during Question Time on CNN. But the race has only just begun. And the primaries don’t start until the spring of 2024.

Simple terms and elite universities
Either way, arch-conservative Ron DeSantis wouldn’t be where he is today without Donald Trump. When the historian and lawyer, who came from a humble background and attended the elite universities of Yale and Harvard, first ran for governor of his home state of Florida in 2018, he was a rather unremarkable congressman. But he had enlisted the support of then US President Donald Trump – and that led him to a narrow victory.

DeSantis didn’t really gain popularity until the outbreak of the pandemic, when he reopened Florida after a brief lockdown as if nothing had happened. There wasn’t even a mask requirement. Although the number of infections skyrocketed, for many Americans who value their personal freedom above all else, he became a real advocate for that freedom.

Also at this point you see in DeSantis Trump’s sorcerer’s apprentice, who now prepares to push his former mentor out of the ring. No one today can seriously answer whether this can be done.

Source: Krone


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