Red excitement – This is how Baber fell into the trap of Marxism


Andreas Babler wore his rebel heart all too clearly on his sleeve when he called himself a “Marxist” on PULS 4. The excitement was certain. Peter Kostelka, SPÖ veteran, is shocked by this statement. Marxism no longer has a place in social democracy. The youth urge probably got the better of Babler here. Other Reds declined to comment.

Political science professor and SPÖ expert Anton Pelinka sees a problem with the Austro-Marxists in the party – who distance themselves from Stalinism, but not from Leninism. And who worship Che Guevara. “Moreover, there is a remnant of anti-Americanism in the SPÖ.” This became apparent when more than half of the 40 SPÖ MPs failed to attend the Ukrainian president’s speech in parliament. The US is Ukraine’s main supporter in its fight against Russia. But what is Austrian Marxism?

From the “liberation struggle of the working class”
On November 3, 1926, the Social Democratic Workers’ Party in Linz decided on a new party program. Elaborated by Otto Bauer, Max Adler, Karl Renner, among others, it was considered the central document of Austro-Marxism. The introduction states: “The Social Democratic Workers’ Party (…) leads the liberation struggle of the working class and aims to conquer the capitalists and build the socialist social order.”

This order never existed. (Austrian) Marxism disappeared in 1934 in the struggle against the Austrian fascist Christian Socialists, who equated their opponents with Bolshevism and the “Red Flood”. Images that never completely disappeared.

Political adviser Thomas Hofer also sees Babler’s “outing” as a mistake. “It wasn’t good for him and was a setback.” Marxism may not be viewed as critically by the party base as it is by the majority of the population, but Babler played into the hands of his competitor, Hans Peter Doskozil. .

Rendi-Wagner withdraws completely
Pamela Rendi-Wagner doesn’t care. After her defeat in the membership survey, the outgoing SPÖ leader will also give up her seat in the National Council. By the end of June. She makes a “fair cut”.

Source: Krone


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