The court summoned Vinicius and the three defendants for the racist insults to testify


The owner of trial court number 10 of Valencia cited as investigating three youths between the ages of 18 and 21 who were arrested last Tuesday as alleged perpetrators of a hate crime, for uttering racist insults at the player of Real Madrid Vinicius Sunday at Mestalla.

The instructor will also take a statement via videoconference, as the injured party, from the Brazilian player, reported high Court of Justice of Valencian Community in a statement in which the date of said appearances was not reported.

Before this declaration, the three under investigation had to appear before the judicial body to be taught the rights to assist them in the application of article 118 of the Criminal Procedure Law.

The court opened the procedure after receiving a report for a possible hate crime prepared by Information Brigade of Police Headquarters of Valencian Community.

In addition to these preliminary proceedings, a complaint for the same facts filed by National Professional Soccer Leaguean entity treated as a person in the case as a private prosecution.

Also, the instructor agreed to communicate the initiation of the case to Ministry of finance and issue an exhortation to the Madrid courts to enable the necessary technical means to allow a statement to be taken by videoconference Vinicius Junioras the injured party.

On the other hand, in response to the investigative procedures requested by the League in its complaint, the order reflects that the recorded images of the incidents have been collected and analyzed by National Police and included in the certificate.

However, the magistrate decided to send an official letter to Valencia CF to encourage him to keep this audiovisual material, from the 72nd minute of the game, in case it is needed at any time during instruction.

Finally, the court will summon the Valencian club to identify some security guards working on the day of the match to summon them to testify as witnesses.

Source: La Verdad


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