Arne Slot confirmed his rejection of Tottenham and renewed at Feyenoord


It was already leaked, but now it’s a fact, arne space (44 years) staying on feyenoord. the squad of Rotterdam has made official the renewal of its technician until 2026with a large salary increase, after getting the first one eredivisie from 2017and reached the final of Conference League and several quarterfinals of european leaguein his only two club courses.

The coach negotiates with Tottenham and it was even rumored that it was closed, but a last-minute turn was completed space giving pumpkins in ‘Spurs’ and renewed the club where he was a true idol. This rejection made a big difference discomfort in the dome of the London group, which became used meaning to ask for more money.

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The news was greatly celebrated by the fans of ‘Club de la Meuse’, seeing how the best coach they have had in their recent history will continue to be minimal until 2026or at least that’s what his contract implies.

“I’m not done with this yet. We’ve had a wonderful season with the feyenoord, that championship is a great reward for all the hard work put in, but I’m really looking forward to building on it. After the summer, an adventure awaits me in Champions League and there is a national title to defend that is expected enough, so I am proud to be and continue to be the coach of feyenoord in Rotterdam“, the Dutch míster declared on the club’s website.

Source: La Verdad


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