Agreement with Pfizer – Corona vaccine: supply volume is massively reduced


While millions of vaccine doses are currently losing their expiration date, fewer and fewer people are being stung against the coronavirus in Austria. The warehouses are full and actually there are still valid supply contracts. But now Austria has been able to agree a reduction in the supply quantity for this year with the manufacturer Biontech/Pfizer.

That is the result of the EU contract negotiations with the manufacturers, the Ministry of Health announced on Friday afternoon. Austria will therefore receive 4.1 million doses of vaccine over the next three years, instead of nine million doses this year. The reason for the renegotiations was the strong drop in demand in all member states. Austria had exerted tremendous pressure to renegotiate the contracts, the broadcast said. The European Commission has now reached an agreement with vaccine manufacturer Biontech/Pfizer through the Agency for Crisis Preparedness and Response to Public Health Emergencies (HERA). 24 of the 27 member states approved the treaty changes.

Due to the change in the contracts, deliveries will continue for the next three years, namely until the end of 2025. Vaccinations that have already been ordered can be exchanged for the latest available vaccine, the ministry said. The European Commission and Biontech/Pfizer have agreed not to disclose financial details of the new contract. The Department of Health expects savings in the high double-digit millions.

Rauch: “Vaccine procurement a successful EU project”
The fact that even higher savings were not possible is “due to the previous contracts, which were concluded under enormous pressure at the beginning of the pandemic and would be completely unacceptable today,” Health Minister Johannes Rauch said on Friday. However, the joint procurement of vaccines is, according to him, a “successful EU project”.

Source: Krone


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